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Scandalous (ebook)

Scandalous ebook

The cross and resurrection of Jesus

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D A Carson unpacks what some of the earliest witnesses wrote, in five New Testament texts.

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Nothing is more central to the Bible than Jesus' death and resurrection, over one weekend in Jerusalem about two thousand years ago.

Attempts to make sense of the Bible that do not integrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are doomed to failure. Jesus' own followers did not expect him to be crucified; they certainly did not expect him to rise again. Yet after these events their thinking and attitudes were so transformed that they could see the sheer inevitability that Jesus would die on a cross and leave an empty tomb behind, and absolutely everything in their lives was changed.

However much the Bible insists on the historicity of these events, it is as important to know what they mean as to know that they happened.

With clarity and conviction, D A Carson unpacks what some of the earliest witnesses wrote, in five New Testament texts, to provide an introductory explanation of Jesus' death and resurrection.

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  • Preface

  • 1. The Ironies of the Cross: Matthew 27:27–51a
    - The Man Who Is Mocked as King Is the King
    - The Man Who Is Utterly Powerless Is Powerful
    - The Man Who Can’t Save Himself Saves Others
    - The Man Who Cries Out in Despair Trusts God

  • 2. The Center of the Whole Bible: Romans 3:21–26
    - Where the Passage Falls in Romans
    - What Paul Establishes

  • 3. The Strange Triumph of a Slaughtered Lamb: Revelation 12
    - The Occasion for Satanic Rage
    - The Reasons for Satanic Rage
    - How Christians Overcome Satanic Rage

  • 4. A Miracle Full of Surprises: John 11:1–53
    - Jesus Receives a Desperate Plea for Help
    - Jesus Comes Up Against Devastating Loss
    - Jesus Confronts Implacable Death
    - Jesus Comes Up Against Moral and Spiritual Death

  • 5. Doubting the Resurrection of Jesus: John 20:24–31
    - The Cry of a Disappointed Skeptic
    - The Adoration of an Astonished Skeptic
    - The Function of a Converted Skeptic


Contributors Don Carson
ISBN 9781844749539
Format eBook
First published February 2010
Language English
Publisher IVP
Customer reviews

7 Jun 2011

“A book that challenged and also warmed the heart.”

I read this book during Holy Week. It presented the basics of the gospel, the atoning death of the Lord Jesus and his victory with the clear exposition of the relevant Scriptures typical of DA Carson.
I found the first section on 'The Ironies of the Cross' particularly helpful.
It was the kind of read that makes the heart want to praise our great Saviour.

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Scandalous (ebook) | Don Carson |
£8.99 £7.19