Remaking a Broken World (ebook)

Remaking a Broken World ebook

The Heart of the Bible Story

Discover God's plan for mending our broken world

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Our world is fractured on every level—from the family to international relations. The news constantly reports broken relationships, strife-ridden communities and warring nations.

So what hope is there for a world of fractured relationships? Discover the Bible's surprising answer: the local church.

This revised and updated edition of Christopher Ash's Bible overview takes readers through the big sweep of Scripture, following the theme of scattering and gathering God's people. It shows how the local church is at the heart of the Bible story and at the centre of God's plan for remaking a broken world.

This book will refresh your love for the local church, and give you new hope for the hurting world around you.

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  • Introduction: Beginning with the God who is One
  • Section A - A Broken World: Scattered Without God
  • 1. Eden: Expelled to Wander
  • 2. Babel: Scattered by Pride
  • Section B - The Assembly of Israel: Gathering Foreshadowed
  • 3. Sinai: Gathered Under the Word
  • 4. Jerusalem: Gathered Under the King
  • 5. Babylon: Back to Babel
  • Section C - The Assembly of Jesus: Gathering Realised
  • 6. Golgotha: Gathered to Jesus
  • 7. Pentecost: Gathered by the Holy Spirit
  • 8. Church: Gathered Worldwide
  • Section D - The New Creation: Gathering Consummated
  • 9. The New Creation: Gathered Forever
  • Conclusion: The Glory of the God who is One
  • Endnotes
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index of Biblical References


Author Christopher Ash
ISBN 9781784984809
Format Digital Download
First published 2019
Language English
Pages 240
Publisher The Good Book Company

Christopher Ash has provided us with a readable, compelling, and important Bible overview. It will be a useful and excellent resource for Bible study groups, sermon series, seminars and much else.

Josh Moody

Sernior Pastor, College Church Wheaton

Christopher's approach is refreshingly creative, thoroughly biblical and obviously relevant to our lives and ministries.

John Stevens

National Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

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Remaking a Broken World (ebook) | Christopher Ash | £5.99 £5.09