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QCA: Where was God when that happened? (Romanian)

QCA: Where was God when that happened? (Romanian)

And other questions about God’s goodness, power and the way he works in the world

Christopher Ash

An engaging and accessible guide to the Bible's teaching on God's sovereignty

Part of the Questions Christians Ask series.


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This is a warm, pastorally hearted guide to the Bible's teaching on God's sovereignty.

When a disaster happens; when personal tragedy strikes; when we are perplexed by world events, Christians can begin to doubt that God is either truly good, or truly in control.

Christopher Ash faces these questions head on, without flinching at any of the difficulties. First he looks at six different ways people have answered this question — both as Christians and from other religions and none. He then reveals the Bible's answer: the revelation of God's character and purposes throughout history.

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  • Introduction: Is God Really in Control?
    1. God over all
    2. God unseen
    3. God over evil
    4. God the Father
    5. God who wins
    6. God who waits
    7. God only wise
    Conclusion: Facing the future with God in control


Contributors Christopher Ash
ISBN 9786068247991
Format Paperback
Dimensions 130mm x 200mm x 7mm
Weight 0.13 kg
Language Romanian
Pages 110
Publisher Faclia

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