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Plugged In (Spanish)

Plugged In (Spanish)

Connecting your faith with what you watch, read, and play

Daniel Strange

Enjoy culture in a way that feeds your faith and helps you share it with others.


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Whether it's TV boxsets, Instagram stories or historical novels, we all consume culture. So it’s important that we are neither bewitched by it—buying into everything it tells us—or bewildered by it—lashing out in judgement or retreating into a Christian bubble.

Dan Strange encourages Christians to engage with everything they watch, read and play in a positive and discerning way. He also teaches Christians how to think and speak about culture in a way that plugs in to a bigger and better reality—the story of King Jesus, and his cosmic plan for the world.

It’s possible to watch TV and read novels and play video games in a way that actually feeds our faith, rather than withers it. It’s even possible for you—yes, you—to be that person who starts off talking to a mate about last night’s football and ends up talking about Jesus.

So be equipped to engage with culture in a way that helps your relationship with Christ and points others to him.

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  • Foreword by Timothy Keller
    Introduction: Faith in an age of information overload
    1. What culture is and why you should care
    2. The story of culture
    3. Culture as story
    4. “Can I watch…?”
    5. Confronting and connecting with culture: the theory
    6. Confronting and connecting with culture: the practice
    7. Your turn: Cultural engagement for disciples
    8. Here's some I prepared earlier...


Contributors Daniel Strange
ISBN 9788412335248
Format Paperback
Dimensions 140mm x 210mm x 12mm
Weight 0.27 kg
Language Spanish
Pages 220
Publisher andamio

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