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NIV New Testament

NIV New Testament

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A great, easy-to read copy of the New Testament. Ideal to keep in your bag or give away. Text size: 7pt.

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The Bible is the world’s best-selling book – it has influenced and inspired millions through the ages.

The New Testament recounts the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and follows the first Christians as they begin to spread his revolutionary message to people all around the world.

The New International Version is the most popular Bible translation in modern English. It is both readable and accurate, and this edition includes shortcuts to well-known stories and people in the Bible, as well as an introductory reading plan and a selection of passages offering help and guidance.

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ISBN 9781444701692
Format Paperback
First published April 2015
Dimensions 111mm x 178mm x 21.4mm
Weight 0.18 kg
Print size 7.0pt
Language English
Pages 320
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton

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Customer reviews

21 May 2024

“New Testament, New Testament! Gospel Poem”


New Testament, New Testament! What do you have to say?
Some say that you are Heaven-sent to warn of Judgement Day!
Some tell us that you are Good News, with miracles galore!
New Testament, New Testament! Oh, please, do tell us more!

New Testament, New Testament! What words are in your book?
Some say that we must all repent and we should take a look!
Some tell us Jesus died for sins, our Saviour sacrificed!
New Testament, New Testament! Oh, please, is He the Christ?

New Testament, New Testament! Should I get baptised, too?
Lord Jesus to the river went, is that what I must do?
Some say that Heaven is for real, such that I ought to pray!
New Testament, New Testament! Oh, please show me the way!

The Sinner's Prayer is my prayer, Lord! I seek Your guidance now!
Grant me Your favour and reward each blessing to allow!
As revelation gets things done, the Gospel will increase
Yet grant I learn more of Your Son, Jesus, the Prince of Peace!

Denis Martindale, for the 21st of May 2024.

4 Jan 2024

“Perfect Christmas gifts”

50 perfect Christmas gifts given out to our Warm Space folk. Thank you for producing these at such a good price and getting them to us so quickly. We would highly recommend your company.

23 Jan 2021

“Catchy colour”

Great to give away. 65 have been taken from my gate in last 6 weeks so have ordered more. I put my testimony with them

20 Nov 2019

“very convenient”

The quality you get for this price is amazing! we used it last Easter as our give away Bible, people loved it!

21 Aug 2018

“Pocket New Testament”

Delighted with this easy to read pocket new testament which has been warmly received by the folk I met.

27 Nov 2017

“Great for giving away”

We always have gospels and New Testaments to give out at church. These NTs are priced at pretty much the same price as a gospels which is great for those who are interested. Nice modern look as well.

24 Apr 2017

“Very Useful”

We do street evangelisation from the catholic church, and it is extremely useful to give the word of God to someone who is much interested to learn. And we can afford to give it out for free because of the convenient price! Thanks a lot!

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£1.50 £1.35