Nehemiah: God's Building Project (ebook)

Nehemiah: God's Building Project ebook

Eight Studies for Groups or Individuals

Eight Bible studies which explore the book of Nehemiah, strengthening us to build for God.

Part of the Good Book Guides series.

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Nehemiah is the story of a key moment in the history of God's people: the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. But it also has a great deal to say to us about what it means to be part of God's mission. Dr. Eric Mason helps groups to unpack this rich book section by section—inspiring us to get involved in God's work to build his kingdom.

Features close attention to the text, a focus on real-life application and questions that really open up discussion. Plus a comprehensive guide for leaders in the back.

Accompanying Expository Guide available to help you lead small groups or prepare a sermon.

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  • 1. Redeemed to Represent (Nehemiah 1:1 – 2:8)
    2. Building a Team (Nehemiah 2:9 – 3:32 )
    3. Development and Defense (Nehemiah 4:1-23)
    4. Walking in the Fear of God (Nehemiah 5:1 – 7:4)
    5. Stay Focused (Nehemiah 6:1 – 7:4)
    6. Rebuilt through the Word (Nehemiah 7:5 – 8:18)
    7. Sacrificial Commitment (Nehemiah 9:1 – 12:43)
    8. Uncompromised Faith (Nehemiah 12:44 – 13:31)


Contributors Eric Mason
Format eBook
First published July 2022
Language English
No. of studies 8
Publisher The Good Book Company
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Nehemiah: God's Building Project (ebook) | Eric Mason |
£3.99 £3.19