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Aren't they lovely when they're asleep

Lessons in unsentimental parenting

from 5 reviews

Six key parenting concepts straight from the Bible.

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Ann Benton used to run parenting skills classes in local schools. People kept saying 'This is great, where do you get this stuff?' She came clean, 'Actually, it's from the Bible.'

This book contains the wisdom distilled from Ann's popular seminars on parenting the next generation. She uses a 'God's eye view' of what we are really like in order to help people who are seeking to be responsible parents in an increasingly child-centred society.

You will learn six key concepts: accept, beware, communicate, discipline, evaluate and fear the Lord. These are applied with understanding and sensitivity.

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  • Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Accept
    Lesson 2: Beware
    Lesson 3: Communicate
    Lesson 4: Discipline
    Lesson 5: Evaluate
    Lesson 6: Fear the Lord

  • Conclusion

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Contributors Ann Benton
ISBN 9781857928761
Format Paperback
First published October 2004
Dimensions 110mm x 180mm x 9mm
Weight 0.09 kg
Print size 10.0pt
Language English
Pages 125
Publisher Christian Focus
Customer reviews

22 Jan 2019

“Excellent and easy to read”

This book is short (which is great when you have young children!), straight to the point and incredibly helpful practically and theologically in how to approach parenting. I really recommend it

17 Dec 2011

“A guide to parenting that needs to be read by all”

This book is a must and I wish we had read it 11 years ago when our first child was born. It is a book that will keep being read untill all the information and guidence become second nature, as like most, we have let our parenting be guided by modern living and the media. We cannot recommend highly enough.

25 Jul 2008

“A must for all parents.”

Every parent should have a copy of this handed to them together with their newborn!!! This is a fantastic book with so much help and advice. It is easy to read between demands for food and splitting up squabbling siblings. I keep referring to it and have it close to hand at all times.

24 Mar 2008

“Brilliant book”

Can't rate the book highly enough. I've read other parenting books..secular ones but this one stands out head and shoulders above them all; as it should as it's written from a biblical perspective and Ann Benton writes well and writes with humour and the book is short and to the point. How I wish I'd had this when my older children were younger. I'm already plugging this at our mums and todders group and wish that Ann would come and give a talk in person!

16 Apr 2007

“Readable, scripturally grounded, food for thought”

I read this book in very few sittings (would have read it all in one go if not for my 3 month old!) as it is an easy read complete with humour and personal practical examples. The views expressed have their foundation in scripture and it is the kind of book i might even dare to give to my NCT friends... A great book to get you thinking, and will leave you wanting to seek out some more in depth advice too (if anyone can recommend some to me..?!). Buy it.

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Aren't they lovely when they're asleep | Ann Benton |
£6.99 £6.29