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Discover how we can bring the glory of God into our daily lives.

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'Maybe you've heard that Christianity is a life-denying, vein-burstingly, eye-bogglingly boring way of life that could suck the marrow from a gnat and the joy from a lark. Don't believe it.'
(From the foreword by Mark Greene)

Jesus came to bring life in all its fullness and yet often Christians behave as if he is only really interested in the so-called 'spiritual' bits, like church, Bible study and evangelism. Everything else - work, leisure, culture and so on - are relegated to second place.

But God did not intend us to live with this artificial separation. In this book Julian Hardyman reclaims all of life for God's glory and helps us discover where that sports skill, passion for politics or flair with fashion might fit into God's plans for an abundant life.

Previously published as Glory Days, this second edition has been updated throughout and contains two brand new chapters on glorifying God during dark days and the environment.

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  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Part One: A story of glory: given, lost and found
  • 1. Where are we?
  • 2. What are we like?
  • 3. The First Great Commission
  • 4. A day of failure
  • 5. The glory of God comes down to us
  • 6. Perfect glory at last!
  • Part Two: Glory to God in everything?
  • 7. Two Great Commissions and Two Great Commandments
  • 8. Glorifying God at work
  • 9. Christian citizens
  • 10. Called to be myself
  • 11. All callings good, some callings better?
  • 12. Loving God with all your mind
  • 13. Caring for creation
  • 14. Creativity and the arts
  • 15. Enjoying God’s gifts
  • 16. Glorifying God in dark days
  • 17. Living gloriously under the lordship of Christ


Age range: 11 - 14
Author Julian Hardyman
ISBN 9781844747702
Format Digital Download
First published July 2008
Language English
Pages 24
Publisher CEP
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Maximum Life (ebook) | Julian Hardyman | £5.99 £4.79