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LE Episodes with Spanish subtitles (SD)

LE Episodes with Spanish subtitles (SD)

What's the best gift God could give you?

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Spanish subtitled individual SD episodes of the Life Explored course.

Part of the Life Explored series.

Marketing Trailer [Spanish].m4v
The Good God (Part 1) [Spanish].m4v
The Good God (Part 2) [Spanish].m4v
Life Explored Session 2 - The Trustworthy God (Part 1) [Spanish].mp4
The Trustworthy God (Part 2) [Spanish].m4v
Life Explored Session 3 - The Generous God (Part 1).mp4
The Generous God (Part 2) [Spanish].m4v
Life Explored Session 4 - The Liberating God (Part 1).mp4
The Liberating God (Part 2) [Spanish].m4v
Life Explored Session 5 - The Fulfilling God (Part 1).mp4
The Fulfilling God (Part 2) [Spanish].m4v
Life Explored Session 6 - The Life Giving God (Part 1).mp4
The Life Giving God (Part 2) [Spanish].m4v
Life Explored Session 7 - The Joyful God (Part 1).mp4
The Joyful God (Part 2) [Spanish].m4v
Video files
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These episodes are in Standard Definition and are suitable for playing on smaller screens, laptops, tablets, ipads and mobile devices. Each episode is between 80-100Mb.

Please note that Part 2 of Episodes 3-8 have no subtitles as there is no dialogue.

Life Explored is an exciting new way to share the gospel in today's highly visual culture. Developed by Christianity Explored Ministries, the seven interactive sessions are based on stunning videos shot all over the globe.

Life Explored will help people uncover what they’re really living for, and shows how, in Christ, God meets our deepest desire for happiness. Each session explores an aspect of God’s character. We see that the God of the Bible is good, trustworthy, generous, liberating, fulfilling, life-giving and joyful. And ultimately we see that the greatest pleasure in life is not enjoying the gifts he has given, but enjoying God himself.

This exciting, new outreach course can be run before or after Christianity Explored or Alpha and is perfect for anyone looking for answers to life's big questions.

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  • 1. Overture – Part 1 and Part 2
    2. Hotel – Part 1 and Part 2
    3. Gold – Part 1 and Part 2
    4. Lawn – Part 1 and Part 2
    5. Geisha – Part 1 and Part 2
    6. Celebrity – Part 1 and Part 2
    7. Space – Part 1 and Part 2


Format Video files
First published September 2016
Language Spanish
Publisher The Good Book Company/CE/Dot & Cross
Customer reviews

4 Apr 2017

“Extraordinary / Extraordinario”

This course explains clearly some concepts that may escape our understanding, like Jesus power and authority. Beautifully made, the narration is supported by high quality and evocative images to tell a story of salvation. Your salvation.

Este curso explica claramente algunos conceptos que puede que escapen a nuestro entendimiento, como el poder y la autoridad de Jesús. Muy bien hecho, la narración está acompañada de imágenes evocativas y de alta calidad para contar una historia de salvación. Tu salvación.

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