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Know the Truth (ebook)

Know the Truth ebook

A handbook of Christian belief

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A handbook of Christian belief to help Christians grasp the overall pattern of the Bible's teaching.

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Christians have already begun to know God and his truth. This handbook will help us grow in that liberating knowledge, as it opens up the great themes of God's Word and shows us how they fit together.

Each chapter looks at one facet of biblical truth and encourages further study with Scripture references to look up, questions for discussion and books for additional reading. The main sections all close with practical reflection on how the Bible's teaching challenges and moves us to adore the living God.

As well as offering updated bibliographies, this new edition responds to recent developments in secular and Christian thinking. It ensures that Know the Truth will remain an excellent introduction to doctrine.

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  • Foreword by J I Packer
  • Preface to the first edition
  • Preface to the new edition
  • Introduction
  • General bibliography
  • Abbreviations
  • Part 1. The final authority in matters of faith
  • 1. Authority
  • 2. Revelation
  • 3. Scripture
  • Application
  • Part 2. The doctrine of God
  • 4. The being of God
  • 5. God the Holy Trinity
  • 6. The attributes or perfections of God
  • 7. The work of creation
  • 8. The work of providence
  • Application
  • Part 3. Humankind and sin
  • 9. Essential human nature
  • 10. Humanity in sin
  • 11. Humanity in grace
  • 12. Humanity in glory
  • Application
  • Part 4. The person and work of Christ
  • 13. The humanity of Jesus Christ
  • 14. The deity of Jesus Christ
  • 15. The one person
  • 16. The work of Christ: biblical teaching
  • 17. The work of Christ: historical perspectives
  • Application
  • Part 5. The person and work of the Holy Spirit
  • 18. The person of the Spirit
  • 19. The Spirit of promise
  • 20. The Spirit and Christian beginnings
  • 21. The Spirit and Christian growth
  • 22. Historical perspective: the Holy Spirit today
  • Application
  • Part 6. The church
  • 23. The identity of the church
  • 24. The function of the church
  • 25. The life of the church
  • 26. The church in history
  • Application
  • Part 7. The last things
  • 27. The kingdom of God
  • 28. The second advent of Christ
  • 29. The final state
  • 30. The last things in Christian thought
  • Application
  • Index


Contributors Bruce Milne
ISBN 9781844747504
Format eBook
First published March 2014
Language English
Pages 352
Publisher IVP

Other information

'It is a privilege to commend so sensible, clear and fruitful an overview of basic Christian belief.'
- J I Packer


J I Packer

It is a privilege to commend so sensible, clear and fruitful an overview of basic Christian belief.

Customer reviews



This book is from a Reformed/Calvinist viewpoint; I am neither. This is an excellent textbook, and would qualify as a mini library on some of these 'big' teachings.I have pastored several churches and have been evangelising the cults (New Religious Movements/Groups) for almost 35 years. I believe that this is a real arsenal to have in a Christian's library. For those, who haven't been able to study at Bible College/Seminary, I believe that this book goes a long way to self-study and prepare to defend our faith - biblically (1 Peter 3:15). It is well worth every penny/cent.

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Know the Truth (ebook) | Bruce Milne | £16.99