Is this it? (ebook)

Is this it? ebook

The Difference Jesus Makes to that ‘Where-is-my-life- going-I-hate-my-job-I-have-no-real-friends-Is-God-even-t here-Will-I-end-up-alone-I-wish-I-was-back-at-school-Will- this-ever-feel-like-home-Am-I-failing-at-life’ Feeling

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An honest, positive and personal journey through the angst of adulting, showing the difference Jesus makes

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This book is for you if:

• You dread family occasions because relatives will ask you what you’re doing with your life
• Social media leaves you with the miserable suspicion that most of your friends have more fun/a better relationship/more money/a better house/more friends than you do
• Watching sitcoms from your adolescence on Netflix makes everything feel better
• You’ve ended up in a job that has absolutely nothing to do with what you dreamed of doing when you were six (or eleven, or sixteen)
• You still keep loads of stuff at your parent’s house

Sooner or later, most of us find that adult life is not all it’s cracked up to be. At some point most of us take a look at where we’ve got to and wonder: “Is this it? Why did no one warn me that adult life was going to be this… difficult?”

Rachel Jones is 20-something, trying to keep it together, and ready to say what we’re all thinking. Whether you’re just feeling a bit lost or having a full “quarter life crisis”, this funny, honest, hopeful book reveals the difference Jesus makes to the angst of adulting.

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  • Chapters include…
  • 1. Dissatisfied Has everyone else got it better than me?
  • 2. Paralysed (or maybe Indecision) What should I do with my life?
  • 5. I hate my job I've got how long till I can retire?
  • 8. Single Why are all my friends getting married?
  • 9. Dating & Marriage Is this normal or have I made a huge mistake?
  • 11. Meaningless What's the point?
  • 12. Self-doubt What if I fail in front of everybody?


Author Rachel Jones
ISBN 9781784981426
Format Electronic book text
First published 2019
Language English
Pages 208
Publisher The Good Book Company

For a generation in the grip of the 'quarter-life crisis' too often cynics roll their eyes whilst others merely reinforce their blindspots. By contrast this book engages brilliantly with compassion, clarity, wit and most importantly much-needed, Christ-centred, grace-filled truth. This book is a gem - read it, share it with others and realise the difference Jesus makes!

Pete Nicholas

Senior Minister, Inspire London; author, Virtually Human

I totally loved this book. Witty, honest and painfully real, this book is a gem. I laughed out loud, I cried, I felt like Rachel could see into my head and she understood. Better still, she showed me Christ and the difference that he makes to life’s questions.This book is so packed full of wisdom, I’ll have to buy in bulk as I know I’ll keep giving it away!

Linda Allcock

Globe Church, London

Rachel Jones is the friend who just gets you. In Is This It?, she covers profoundly deep and impactful issues for twentysomethings with relatability, honesty, and a healthy dose of humor. This book will uncover and address some of your deepest longings, fears, and insecurities while meeting you with a firehouse of gospel grace and practical insight. I wish everyone my age could read this book!

Jaquelle Crowe

Author, This Changes Everything; Founder, The Young Writer

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(Review written for 'Is this it?')

The brilliance of Jones’s book is that unlike any other self-help book being pushed at us on social media – it’s an unashamed acknowledgement that not-so-good thoughts litter our minds during times of big changes. But, even more brilliant is Jones’s reliance on God’s Word and His purpose for our lives.


“Warm, witty, helpful.”

(Review written for 'Is this it?')

There’s no better way to approach the quarter-life crisis than with Rachel Jones. Is This It? will help you navigate through all the tricky turns of millennial life, whether you are going through it yourself or know someone who is. It’s funny, compassionate and completely relatable - highly recommend.


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