Is Jesus History? (Italian)

Is Jesus History? (Italian)

John Dickson

An exploration of the historicity of Jesus and whether he is relevant today

Part of the Questioning Faith series.


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What can we really know for sure about the past? Can anything be trusted as reliable historical fact? What can we really know for sure about the past? Can anything from ancient history be regarded as ‘fact’? In particular, how seriously can we take the historical sources for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth? Did he really even live in first-century Galilee and Judaea, or is he a figure of legend?

In this timely book, historian Dr John Dickson unpacks how the field of history works, giving readers the tools to evaluate for themselves what we can confidently say about figures like the Emperor Tiberius, Alexander the Great, Pontius Pilate, and, of course, Jesus of Nazareth.

He presents the evidence, methods, and conclusions of mainstream scholars—both Christian and not—and asks some pertinent contemporary questions, without offering any pushy answers: If Jesus really did exist, what are we to make of his own claims and those of his followers, and what would any of it mean for us today?

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  • Introduction: Christianity’s Problem
    1. History And Reality
    2. “Faith” in History
    3. How To Make Me Eat My Bible
    4. Historical Quests For Jesus
    5. Liberal Prophet, Sacrificial Martyr
    6. What Alexander The Great Can Teach Us About History
    7. Scraps About Jesus
    8. Paul: Skeleton Key To Jesus
    9. Digging Stuff Up
    10. Raised Expectations
    Epilogue: Is Jesus History?


Contributors John Dickson
ISBN 9788833061122
Format Paperback
Dimensions 140mm x 210mm x 13mm
Language Italian
Pages 192
Publisher ADI Media

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