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Is God Anti-Gay? (ebook)

Is God Anti-Gay? ebook

And Other Questions About Jesus, the Bible, and Same-Sex Sexuality

from 6 reviews

Explores the extraordinary claims and promises of Jesus, his teaching on sexuality and the costs and rewards of following him.

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Is it ok to be gay and Christian? Does the Bible really say that homosexuality is wrong? Is sexual orientation fundamental to identity?

Author and speaker Sam Allberry has updated his best-selling book to acknowledge the cultural changes in the past decade and has made it more accessible to people who do not follow Jesus. It has also been expanded so that it looks, first and foremost, at the extraordinary claims and promises of Jesus, before examining his teaching on sexuality and the costs and rewards of following him.

As a believer who experiences same-sex attraction, Sam Allberry has written sensitively on this topic. He challenges the current culture narrative and shows that the gospel is good news for everyone, whatever their sexual orientation. In the introduction, he says, "Above all I want people to realise how good Jesus is, in this area of life and in every area of life."

This book is designed to help both Christians and non-Christians struggling with the Bible's teaching on this issue, whether they experience same-sex attraction themselves or not.

Includes a foreword by Tim Keller and answers to questions such as…

• does Jesus ever mention same-sex relationships?
• aren’t people just born this way?
• what should I do if a Christian comes out to me?
• surely, isn't a same-sex partnership ok if it’s committed and faithful?
• is it sinful to experience same-sex attraction?
• isn’t the Christian view of sexuality harmful?
• aren’t we just picking and choosing which Old Testament laws apply?
• can’t Christians just agree to differ on this?
• should Christians attend gay weddings?

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  • Introduction
    1. Jesus on Sexuality
    2. Facing Same-Sex Attraction as a Christian
    3. Same-Sex Sexuality and the Church
    4. Same-Sex Sexuality and the World Today
    5. Same-Sex Relationships and the Bible
    Author’s Note


Contributors Sam Allberry, Timothy Keller
ISBN 9781784988494
Format eBook
First published March 2023
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Rebecca McLaughlin

Author, Confronting Christianity

What I love about this book is also what I love about my brother, Sam Allberry: Jesus is its central theme. Christian sexual ethics makes no sense without Jesus at its heart. But as Sam helps us see, with Jesus's love for us as the animating center, all other kinds of love click into place. Don't read this book if you don't want to know how much the Son of God loves you, and how much more his love is worth than any other merely human love.

Ed Shaw

Pastor of Emmanuel City Centre, Bristol & Co-Founder of www.livingout.org

Sam’s excellent book has already profoundly helped tens of thousands in its first edition—I’m sure this updated version will wonderfully increase its positive impact long-term.

Andrew Wilson

Teaching Pastor, King's Church London; Author, God of All Things

This book is the best short introduction to this subject that you will find anywhere. With sensitivity and clarity, courage and wisdom, Sam Allberry walks us through a host of challenging questions and provides compelling and gracious answers.

Customer reviews

18 May 2023

“Honest and Thoughtful”

(Review written for 'Is God Anti-Gay?')

In this honest, heartfelt book, Sam Allberry shares about some of his experiences as a celibate gay Christian, answering common questions about the Bible, Jesus, and sexuality to dispel common myths and help people better understand a traditional, biblical sexual ethic. Each section is typically just a few pages long, and Allberry's writing is concise and engaging.

This book will primarily appeal to Christians who want to better understand their beliefs, and to Side B Christians who experience same-sex attraction and hold to a traditional ethic themselves. This book can encourage them to hold their ground and live out their beliefs despite cultural pressure, and provides wise encouragement from a seasoned believer who has dealt with similar struggles.

Different sections deals with both theological concepts and practical concerns, such as how to handle someone coming out to you. The advice is gentle, practical, and compassionate, and Allberry's personal experience gives greater gravity to everything he writes. However, I would have liked him to come down harder on ways that churches have harmed gay people. It's absolutely acknowledged, but since it's not addressed in detail, that will make it more difficult for people opposed to his message to hear him out.

The new material makes this book more accessible to non-Christians, but because the book is so very brief, people who already fundamentally disagree with the author are unlikely to get much out of it. There are so many ways that they could counter his arguments and explanations, and additional layers of questioning and argumentation simply can't be addressed in a book of this size. Someone with an opposing view can walk away with a better understanding of what the Christian sexual ethic means in context and why so many Christians believe in it, but this is mainly for people who already share the author's convictions.

11 May 2023

“A very important book”

(Review written for 'Is God Anti-Gay?')

Is God Anti-Gay? Is a much needed book especially in these times that we are in. It is a short book (I read it in one sitting and I am a slow reader) but it is packed with wisdom and is very accessible.
I found the book to be very informative and has been helpful for me to be mindful of how I understand SSE and how I best respond to those who may be struggling in this way.
What I love most about the book is that it is so Christ centred and Sam does a great job of making the point that Jesus is far greater than any of the sins that we desire.
At the end of every chapter Sam provides questions and answers to some of the objections that people may bring which I found to be a very important part of the book to help aid our understanding should we face the same objections.
Overall the book is biblical and practical and one I'm sure that I will return to and recommend to others.

25 Apr 2023

“Clear, Concise, Needed!”

It used to be that to be considered a good writer, that you had to write a book that was full of large theological words and have a unbelievable length that scared people from actually reading it. However, what I have found is that those who cannot actually write to the point and clearly are those who actually are not very good writers, or at least don't have good editors. This is NOT the case for this book.

Sam Allberry has written, a biblically and theologically rich book, while saying it in a very clear way and in a length that can be read in an afternoon. This book is clear, concise, and biblically rich on a topic that the world is talking about and Christians need to be prepared to talk about. Get one for yourself, and maybe another one for a friend and talk through it together. You won't be disappointed.

12 Apr 2023

“Concise, compassionate, informed, knowledge of Christian sexual ethics.”

(Review written for 'Is God Anti-Gay?')

Sam writes with such compassion, Biblical truth, insight, clarity, grace, love about the Christian response to homosexuals/ SSA/ gay community. It is a posture of our hearts to match God’s loving heart is what is required and Sam brings that across so very well.

1 Apr 2023

“Superb Little Book”

(Review written for 'Is God Anti-Gay?')

An excellent exploration of the Bible’s teaching on sexuality. Sam has a real Pastor’s heart, seeing to show how God’s vision for marriage between one man and one woman is good news for us today rather than depress us with a series of rules. The new expanded edition is even better than the first edition and is a must for any Christian seeking to think through how they should approach this topic.

17 Feb 2023

“Honesty birthed from love”

(Review written for 'Is God Anti-Gay?')

Sam Allberry - Is God anti-gay?

Is God anti-gay is an honest account of God’s grace and mercy. Sam Allberry challenges some of the most entrenched perspectives in this field, debunking opinions and terminology in order to get to the heart of the topic. Throughout, Allberry details his own account, and personal struggles with homosexuality. He is completely honest and transparent, all the while demonstrating that Christ is his ultimate treasure. Allberry’s argument is that homosexual relationships are not in line with God’s design for humanity, and therefore are not compatible with life in Christ. Allberry then continues to give advice to others who have serious questions and issues with this topic. No matter our struggles, the author argues, the Lord guides us and helps us.
Allberry is thoughtful and pastoral in every paragraph. His narrative voice is personal and careful, addressing many concerns that the reader may have. Nevertheless, Allberry does not shy away from his argument, that homosexual relationship is not God’s will for humankind. That he gives his own account draws the reader in and challenges perceptions and perspectives. Allberry skillfully uses scripture and biblical points to support his points, and to encourage readers to pursue Christ and Godly behavior. All the while, he offers hope and encouragement for those struggling, or simply seeking an understanding.
Honesty birthed from love.
I received a free copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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