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How will the world end? (Arabic)

How will the world end? (Arabic)

and other questions about the last things and the second coming of Christ

A short, readable book that explains clearly and simply what the Bible says about Jesus' return and the end of the world

Part of the Questions Christians Ask series.


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Christians believe that history is moving towards a dramatic conclusion—that one day Jesus Christ will return in glory to judge the living and the dead. But there seem to be so many different views about how this will happen, and when it will take place. How can we make sense of it all?

This short, readable book explains the liberating reality of what the Bible actually says about the return of Christ and the end of the world. Simple and clear, this book will be helpful for all Christians.

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  • Introduction: Why is it all so complicated?
    1. How will the world end?
    2. What will happen before Jesus comes back?
    3. How will Jesus come back?
    4. Will Jesus come back before or after the Millennium?
    5. What will Jesus do after he comes back?
    6. How should we live until Jesus comes back?


Contributors Jeramie Rinne
Format Paperback
Language Arabic
Pages 96
Publisher PTW Egypt

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