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How to be a Bible warrior

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Discover how to be a warrior, standing up for truth and right, fighting against sin and the devil, and cheering on our champion, Jesus.

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If you were a warrior you'd have a sharp, shiny sword and an army of soldiers to fight with. There might be a giant to attack, or a throng of enemy soldiers to defeat. But is that all there is to being a warrior? And what does it mean to be a Bible Warrior?

Abraham, David, Moses, Joshua, Gideon and Jehoshaphat are all men from the Bible who fought in real life battles, but the lessons we learn from their lives are not about sword skills or battle tactics, they are about honouring God and glorifying him. We learn about how God wants us to fight evil, to stand up for the truth and to trust in him to be our Lord and Leader, Defender and the Victor.

There are other people in this book who didn't fight with a sword, yet they still fought the good fight. They fought with words - good words. They fought against evil by telling the true message of how Jesus died to save sinners. You can learn from them and be like them too. But most of all you can learn to be like Jesus - the one who fought sin and won, who fought Satan and won and who fought death and won!

Get ready to fight!

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  • What is a Warrior?
  • Abram to the Rescue
  • Unusual Victories
  • From Shepherd Boy to King
  • Three of David’s Mighty Men
  • Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
  • The Battle of Ai
  • Hezekiah’s Prayer
  • Put on the Whole Armour of God
  • So Are You a Bible Warrior?
  • Who is the Author?

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Age range: 8 - 12
Contributors Catherine MacKenzie
ISBN 9781781912317
Format Paperback
First published September 2013
Dimensions 128mm x 198mm x 9mm
Language English
Pages 126
Publisher Christian Focus
Customer reviews


“A good book 8-11 year olds”

I am 9 years old.
I enjoyed this book because it’s about stories you don’t normally learn about. The stories were explained clearly. The book helps you understand how you can be a Bible warrior.
I would recommend it to other children my age. :)

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How to be a Bible warrior | Catherine MacKenzie | £5.99 £5.09