How Does God Change Us?

Experience real Christian growth by going deeper into the same truths that saved us in the first place.

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“Abide in my love.” —John 15:9

As followers of Christ, we long to grow in godliness, but we often find ourselves stuck. Sin runs deep, we continue to fail, and we are easily tempted to give up. It doesn’t have to be that way.

In How Does God Change Us?, bestselling author of 'Gentle & Lowly', Dane Ortlund, explains how those united to Jesus Christ do not need to look anywhere but to Christ himself for real growth.

We change by going deeper into the same truths that saved us in the first place. With timeless counsel from historical Christian figures, Ortlund shows you how to get traction in your spiritual walk, experience real change, and live out your invincible identity in Christ.

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  • Series Preface

  • Chapter 1: Jesus
    Chapter 2: Despair
    Chapter 3: Union
    Chapter 4: Embrace
    Chapter 5: Acquittal
    Chapter 6: Honesty
    Chapter 7: Pain
    Chapter 8: Breathing
    Chapter 9: Supernaturalized

  • Conclusion

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Contributors Dane Ortlund
ISBN 9781433574030
Format Paperback
First published September 2021
Dimensions 127mm x 178mm x 7mm
Weight 0.08 kg
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher Crossway

Paul E. Miller

Author, A Praying Life and J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life

This lovely, easy-to-read primer by Dane Ortlund grounds our discipleship in the glowing center of Christianity—our Lord Jesus. It’s easy to think that as we grow as Christians we move on to ‘higher things’ (whatever that means!), when in fact we simply need to learn the beauty and depth of Jesus and all that he’s done for us. That’s what Ortlund helps us do here. This book will bless you!

Matt Chandler

Lead Pastor of Teaching at The Village Church in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and Executive Chaiman of the Acts29 Board.

That angst in your soul for more is a part of the growing process—a gift of hunger and thirst that Jesus, the inexhaustible well, will fill. In How Does God Change Us?, Dane Ortlund reminds us that the angst is satisfied not by behavioral modification or some quick fix but by the beauty of friendship with Jesus and the peace more deeply accepted in our souls. If you are hungry and thirsty for more life, more joy, more peace, and more Jesus, this is a book for you.

J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear is the pastor at The Summit Church

Endorsement written for Deeper

Jesus said that our greatest ‘work’ is to believe. As much as any living author, Dane Ortlund has helped me to believe again by reacquainting me with the stunning tenderness and beauty of Jesus. As I read his words, I can sense my heart growing in trust, devotion, and godly affections, grounded in the Savior’s love for me. In this incredibly helpful, pastoral book, Dane works out the implications of that vision of Jesus for personal growth, showing us how the key to going further with Jesus is going deeper in his finished work.

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How Does God Change Us? | Dane Ortlund |
£5.99 £4.79