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Held (ebook)

Held ebook

31 Biblical Reflections on God's Comfort and Care in the Sorrow of Miscarriage

from 6 reviews

31 biblical reflections on God's comfort and care in the sorrow of miscarriage.

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Using Psalm 139, Abbey Wedgeworth walks alongside women suffering the heartbreak of miscarriage. Having experienced the sorrow of miscarriage herself, she acknowledges the isolation commonly felt and the impact that such an experience can have on faith.

The 31 biblical reflections in this beautiful and comforting book remind grieving women that God sees them, knows them, loves them, and is actively caring for them. These precious verses will show women that God can bring comfort, assurance, protection, and purpose in the very sorrow that they are experiencing.

Includes personal stories from other women who have had experience of early pregnancy loss, encouraging sufferers that they are not alone.

Product details


  • 31 devotional chapters including reflection and response sections
    9 personal stories from writers including Courtney Reissig, Kristie Anyabwile, and Eric Schumacher
    4 beautiful Psalm 139 brush script spreads
    Short list of recommended further reading
    Journaling space throughout


Contributors Abbey Wedgeworth
ISBN 9781784985516
Format eBook
First published September 2020
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Gretchen Saffles

Founder, Well-Watered Women

When we lost our baby unexpectedly, silence filled my soul. By the grace of God, Abbey does the impossible in Held by putting words to our pain in miscarriage while offering the hope of the gospel. She guides the broken hearted woman into the endless grace of God.

Kristen Wetherell

Ministry Content Manager, Unlocking the Bible, and co-author of Hope When It Hurts

It was no coincidence that Abbey was writing Held when we lost our second baby. The portions of it that she shared with me were a balm to my aching heart. This is a Word-saturated book, tenderly written by a woman who loves Jesus, trusts him, and wants to see many hurting moms do the same. I highly recommend it to you.

Helen Thorne

Director of Training and Resources at Biblical Counselling UK

The pain of miscarriage is often hidden from view. It can be hard to articulate the many complex emotions that follow. Those struggling need hope! Written by people who have been there, Held offers just that. It’s real, it’s raw, but, most importantly, it helps individuals relate to Jesus and, even in the toughest of times, become more like him.

Independent reviews

"Wedgeworth writes with great sensitivity and empathy"

Bethany Davidson, 17 Sep 2020

I appreciate the level of thought and care that went into every element of this book. The devotions are short and simple, remaining accessible no matter a reader’s exhaustion or cognitive range at the moment, and a woman can also read the devotions out of order if she wants to, based on whatever topic she most needs at a particular moment.... continue reading


"a great balance of personal stories and Biblical truth"

Sherri Puzey, 31 Aug 2020

I am so thankful to have a resource I can place in the hands of those I love who have experienced miscarriage. this book is filled with Scripture and reminders of who God is, allowing that truth to help us respond to and move through our grief.... continue reading

"beautifully produced and communicates love, care and truth"

Elinor Magowan, 20 Oct 2020

This book will be a wonderful companion to the many women who grieve the very real loss of the children they will not meet in this life. The book is also a journal, with space to reflect on the questions Abbey poses and respond to the challenges given. It is beautifully produced and communicates love, care and truth. As you read the book, tears will no doubt come, as comfort is provided and challenges are given.... continue reading

Customer reviews

18 Mar 2024

“The best book on miscarriage that I've ever read!”

(Review written for 'Held')

This book is the most amazing book about the sorrow of miscarriage! I have lost 3 precious babies over the years and I can only say that I wish I had this book when I was walking through those trials. While it has been 3 years since my last miscarriage, I can tell you that I cried many times while reading this and I've never felt so understood. Abbey does an amazing job of addressing the topic with compassion and kindness while pointing grieving mothers to the truth of scripture! If you or someone you know has gone through a miscarriage, this is a must read! I'm so grateful that Abbey took the time to write this book.

10 Apr 2021

“A much needed reminder”

(Review written for 'Held')

The book covered the many stages of grief and even after completing the book, I found myself revisiting a different chapter everyday. The personal stories and sharing from the various contributors made it very relatable - and also showed me that I am not alone on this journey!

Highly recommend this book as it is a great reminder of God's sovereignty and great love for us. Thank you Abbey!

7 Sep 2020

“Compassionate & Personal”

(Review written for 'Held')

Speaking from experience, miscarriage is hard. It is a grief I never expected to endure multiple times as a young married woman when trying for children. When I first saw this book being advertised and previewed the PDF chapters, I kept thinking, I wish this book was around four years ago when the losses were still fresh, and I was clinging to Jesus, despite feeling alone in my sorrow. I am thankful for this book now as it is rooted in God's Word. So many resources and groups I was directed to were all about searching inside of myself to get over my pain, but this book is the opposite of all secular help for overcoming miscarriage. This book has short devotionals, rich in the truths of God's word. The Gospel is at the heart of this book- as it should be. Nothing speaks to our pain more than the Gospel. I pray many can use this resource and find it a comfort to them in their times of suffering. I also pray many can use it as a resource in learning to comfort others. Most of all, I pray that many women see how a miscarriage, while an awful experience of our broken and groaning world, can point us to Jesus and draw us near to the cross.

1 Sep 2020

“A kindness from the Lord”

(Review written for 'Held')

Abbey's articulation of the gospel and words of comfort/encouragement have been a balm to my soul during our two losses. Written like a sister sitting beside you weeping and journeying with you, she writes with compassion, gentleness, and love, while the other testimonials of miscarriage were a gift that left me feeling surrounded by people who understood. A true kindness from the Lord to hold this resource.

29 Aug 2020


(Review written for 'Held')

In this beyond amazing book, Abbey thoughtfully and carefully puts into words what is difficult to put into words when going through a miscarriage. While tenderly sharing portions of her own story and the complex emotions that she experienced, she beautifully goes back to Scripture over and over again to encourage and reassure the reader of God’s never-ending perfect presence, nearness, faithfulness, sympathy and love. She applies biblical truth to the hard realities of having a miscarriage, and how the beauty of the gospel can soothe the heart of any grieving woman who is going through this or has in the past. The devotionals are short, sweet and rich in truth. If there is any miscarriage resource to have on your shelf, Abbey’s book is a must have!

26 Aug 2020


(Review written for 'Held')

Abbey opens up about an often taboo subject. Miscarriage is hard, even more so when it’s not talked about. Abbey continually points us back to scripture constantly reminding us to lean of God through the pain of losing a baby. Abbey opens up about her experience of miscarriage, as well as chapters on others experiences, to show how we can allow the grief of miscarriage to draw us closer to God.

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Held (ebook) | Abbey Wedgeworth |
£7.99 £6.63