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Growing Up God's Way for Boys

Growing Up God's Way for Boys

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A colourful, illustrated book for boys about how to deal with puberty.

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Written by two doctors and published in partnership with Evangelical​ Press, this book will help young people understand the changes that take place in their bodies and minds during puberty and how to deal with them. It explains why these changes happen and looks at God’s design for relationships and marriage. All the topics are covered from a Biblical perspective and encourage young people to face the opportunities and challenges of puberty in a way that honours God.

Growing up God’s way is a colourful, fully illustrated book available as separate versions for boys and girls. It is intended for children approaching or experiencing puberty, typically represented by the 10–14 years old age range.

The artwork has been specially produced for the book and includes accurate biological drawings as well as ‘cartoon’ illustrations to keep the young reader interested. Most importantly of all, the Bible is the constant reference point, so that what the Bible has to say about the matters dealt with is always front and centre. The result is that this book conveys essential biblical ethical teaching as well as the facts about puberty.

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  • An introduction to puberty
  • Marriage
  • Puberty and how it starts
  • How your body changes
  • How the body changes in girls
  • Physical intimacy
  • Changes in the way you think
  • Going out and beyond
  • Preparing for the future


Age range: 10 - 12
Contributors Chris Richards, Liz Jones
ISBN 9780852349991
Format Paperback
First published March 2014
Dimensions 148mm x 209mm x 6mm
Language English
Pages 76
Publisher Evangelical Press
Independent reviews

Growing up God's way for Boys and Girls!

Elizabeth Epps, Evangelical Times, June 1st 2014

Unlike our sex-obsessed society, chapter six addresses physical intimacy and reproduction in a reasonably restrained and proportionate manner. The chapter carefully frames the right mental context, before briefly and simply describing sex with the sensitivity and respect it deserves — a breath of fresh air from the graphic and crude culture around us.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“A good way into starting discussion”

I had already planned to spend time discussing growing up with my son, and, looking through the range of possible books online, this looked the most suitable. My son is above-average intelligence, but has the usual 11-year-old challenges with social skills. The book provided an excellent, non-threatening way to broach the subject of puberty. He was fascinated by the facts unveiled in the book, and amused by some of the drawings. Most importantly, we had a number of deep discussions on the basis of what we had read. It was well worth taking the time together to read this book, and I felt the balance between information given and spiritual advice for the future was good. For us, it worked best booking the time when no-one else was likely to disturb us, as we could take things in an unhurried way, but I appreciate that may not always be possible for some parents. I would certainly recommend this book to any parent struggling with the difficulties of approaching this subject - it provides a very good way into tackling all the issues of growing up as a teenager and becoming an adult. Well done to Chris Richards and Liz Jones for producing it.

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Growing Up God's Way for Boys | Chris Richards, Liz Jones | £7.99 £6.39