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Becoming the couple God wants you to be

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A study guide on Christian marriage that focusses on how the gospel shapes the practical realities of everyday life.

Part of the Gospel-Centred series.

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Most of what the Bible has to say about marriage does not come flagged up under a heading of “marriage”. It’s not just the famous “marriage passages” that should shape a marriage, but the whole Bible-story of God’s good creation, humanity’s wicked rebellion and God’s gracious redemption.

To understand why marriages struggle—as they all do—we need to understand the nature of our sin. To make marriages work, we need to understand how to apply the truth about God and His salvation.
This study guide on Christian marriage focuses on how the Gospel shapes the practical realities of everyday life. Author Tim Chester lifts the lid on many of the common pressure points that modern couples face, and shows how a proper understanding of the gospel can shape a response.

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  • Introduction
    Finding your way around
    Part One: Gospel-Centred Marriage
    1. Marriage and the passion of God
    2. Marriage and the purposes of God
    3. Marriage and the kingdom of God
    4. Marriage and the submission of God’s people
    5. Marriage and the loving authority of Christ

  • Part Two: Gospel-Centred Relationships
    6. Grace
    7. Love
    8. Conflict
    9. Reconciliation
    10. Forgiveness

  • Part Three: Gospel-Centred Sex
    11. Enjoying good sex
    12. Pursuing good sex
    13. Transforming bad sex
    14. Gospel-centred beauty

  • Conclusion
    15. Marriage is not forever
    Further reading

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Contributors Tim Chester
ISBN 9781907377815
Format eBook
First published October 2011
Language English
No. of studies 15
Publisher The Good Book Company

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R Kent Hughes

Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church in Wheaton

Tim Chester advises us in clear, captivating terms what happens when the cross is lifted high in Christian marriage. His advice is uberbiblical and intensely practical. Many couples (especially those who read it together) will find this book to be a life-giving "page turner." Highly recommended.

Kathleen B. Nielson

Ph.D, Author and Conference Speaker

Tim Chester doesn't let us think just theoretically about marriage; his focus is relentlessly practical. He is not afraid to raise issues that couples in all seasons of marriage will recognize as challenging and crucial.  This book will help Christian spouses ask real-life questions about God's gospel purposes in marriage, pointing them to search for answers in God's Word.

Customer reviews

17 Dec 2019

“excellent resource for marriage discipleship”

(Review written for 'Gospel Centered Marriage')

Tim Chester helps us to see the gospel of Jesus as not just the means of a good marriage but also the goal. In a culture that deifies romantic love and devalues traditional marriage, this concise and practical resource is a helpful tool in discipling married and engaged couples toward a Christ-centred and Scripture-informed vision for marriage.

18 Jun 2014

“Great Thanks”

(Review written for 'Gospel Centred Marriage')

I have just begun to purchase books through "good book" and I have been very impressed with the quality of the books themselves and the speed with which they have been shipped and reached us.

2 May 2014

“Really Great Book”

(Review written for 'Gospel Centred Marriage')

My husband and I are reading though it together and have found it really encouraging makes us look at Gods bigger picture rather than just the day to day of marriage.

4 Dec 2013


(Review written for 'Gospel Centred Marriage')

This is such a helpful book! I can recommend it to anyone preparing for marriage. It's been helping us so much!

24 Jan 2012


(Review written for 'Gospel-Centred Marriage')

A great little book, studies are well structured and lead to good discussions. I have been doing them with my fiance preparation for our upcoming marriage. You can easily do them in 20 to 30 minutes.

13 Jan 2012

“Gospel Centred Marriage”

(Review written for 'Gospel-Centred Marriage')

This is a wonderful guide to all those out there that wish to follow God's wishes with marriage in mind. There is a little work apart from just 'reading a book' with reference's to look at in The Great Book. My fiance and I have found this an enormous help. Recommended!

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