Finishing the Race: Reading 2 Timothy Today

Finishing the Race: Reading 2 Timothy Today

Christopher Green
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A clear and practical commentary on 2 Timothy; encouraging readers to finish the race.

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The Reading the Bible Today series of non-technical commentaries is devoted to presenting careful scholarship in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy.

Christopher Green is Vice-Principal and Lecturer in Pastoral Studies at Oak Hill Theological College, London, England. While writing this book he was minister at Emmanuel Church, Tolworth, Surrey. He went to University in Edinburgh and to theological college in Durham, and was an assistant at two other churches near London. He has written commentaries on 2 Peter and Jude, and edited a book on preaching.

He has been involved in teaching 2 Timothy to students at the Cornhill Training Course in London. In preparing for leadership in the church they have come face to face with issues of ministry, failure and suffering for the Gospel.

In an increasingly pluralistic and secular age, what could persuade a person to give up an attractive career and enter full-time Christian ministry? In Finishing the Race readers will be able to identify with Timothy's fears and failings. Readers will be encouraged by Paul's urging to keep the faith and finish the race.

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  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Reading 2 Timothy Today (1)
  • 1. Why read 2 timothy?
  • 2. Why read this book?
  • 3. The myth of 'Timid Timothy'
  • 4. The myth of 'Pessimistic Paul'
  • 5. Two cities
  • 6. The themes of the letter
    • - Suffering for the gospel
    • - False teaching
    • - Past, present and future
    • - Ministry
    • - Being ashamed
  • 7. The shape of the letter
  • 8. A genuine letter?
  • Reading 2 Timothy today (2)
  • 9. The promise of life
  • 10. The next link in the chain
  • 11. Suffering for the gospel of grace
  • 12. Guarding the good deposit
  • 13. Desertion and friendship
  • 14. Ability and reliability
  • 15. The coward, the cheat and the slacker
  • 16. Bondage and freedom
  • 17. If we, then he
  • 18. An unashamed worker
  • 19. God's solid foundation
  • 20. Useful to the master
  • 21. Godlessness in the last days
  • 22. Godless ministry in the last days
  • 23. Paul's ministry in the last days
  • 24. Timothy's ministry in the last days
  • 25. The big picture
  • 26. Keep your head
  • 27. The end?
  • 28. Planning
  • 29. A loyal Lord
  • 30. Friends


Author Christopher Green
ISBN 9781875861828
Format Paperback
First published January 2004
Dimensions 138mm x 215mm x 10mm
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher Aquila Press
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I warmly commend this book as an excellent introduction to Paul's second letter to Timothy. It helps to identify the key issues addressed by the text and is helpful in seeking to apply those issues to our lives today. Definitely a useful resource

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Finishing the Race: Reading 2 Timothy Today | Christopher Green | £7.99 £3.00