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Essential Christianity (Korean)

Essential Christianity (Korean)

By J.D. Greear, afterword by Joe Gibbs

What is Christianity really all about?


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Drawing on passages from Romans 1 to 12, J.D. Greear unpacks the essential aspects of the Christian message, showing both secular and religious people what the gospel is and how it addresses our most pertinent questions. The gospel, as he explains, is not just about life after death; it’s about reclaiming the life we’ve always yearned to live.

Whether you are exploring the core concepts of Christianity or you are a weary Christian wanting to rediscover the excitement and joy of knowing God, this warm and compelling explanation of the goodness, truth and power at the heart of the Christian faith is for you.

As J.D. says in his introduction:

“The gospel is not just the diving board off which you jump into Christianity—it’s the swimming pool in which you swim. See this book as your invitation to rediscover the goodness, the excitement, the liberation and the power of the gospel.”

This resource can be used for outreach or discipleship and is great to read with other people. It can also be used alongside J.D.’s Romans video series on RightNow Media.

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  • Introduction
    1. Announcement
    2. Undeniable
    3. Rejection
    Interlude: What about the Bible's Views on Sex?
    4. Counterfeits
    Interlude: What's So Special about Jesus?
    5. Rescue
    6. Faith
    Interlude: How Can Anyone Believe in the Resurrection?
    7. Inclusion
    8. Struggle
    9. Spirit
    10. Therefore


Contributors J.D. Greear, Joe Gibbs
ISBN 9788953143951
Format Paperback
First published February 2023
Dimensions 130mm x 200mm x 15mm
Weight 0.32 kg
Language Korean
Pages 252
Publisher Duranno Press

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