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ERV Authentic Youth Bible Purple

ERV Authentic Youth Bible Purple

Easy-Reader Version (ERV) youth Bible complete with supplementary notes. Text size: 8pt.

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For someone who is young and may not have read it before, the Bible can be kinda scary. It's an old book, written thousands of years ago, filled with obscure, hard-to-pronounce places and names, and is hundreds and hundreds of pages long. But, that doesn't need to be the case. The ESV makes Bible reading pleasurable and is an easy to share for Leaders and Parents.

The Easy-to-Read Version of the Bible (ERV) is specially made to create the smoothest and most approachable experience of reading God's word as possible. Updated regularly, the ERV Bible removes as many of the hurdles to understanding the Bible as possible. Even including extra study material and notes to help teen readers get over the difficult or context-heavy parts of the text.

It is a Bible for all, for any reader who want to jump straight into the Bible.

A whole host of topical extras also bridge the gap between then and now, showing just what the Bible says about issues faced by teenagers to, and the best way to get over them.

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Age range: 10+
ISBN 9781860248214
Format Hardback
Dimensions 155mm x 222mm x 34mm
Weight 0.88 kg
Print size 8.0pt
Language English
Pages 1401
Publisher Authentic Media
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ERV Authentic Youth Bible Purple |
£17.99 £13.84