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Enjoying God (Hungarian)

Enjoying God (Hungarian)

Experience the power and love of God in everyday life

Discover the key to enjoying God in every moment of every day


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We believe in God, we serve God, we trust God, but would we say that we enjoy God on a day to day basis? What exactly does a personal relationship with God look like, and how is it even possible?

This seminal work by Tim Chester shows us how we can enjoy God in every moment of every day, whether we are experiencing good times or hard times; whether we are changing nappies, or stuck on a train. He explores how the Father, the Son and the Spirit relate to us in our day-to-day lives, and how to respond.

As we interact more with God and understand how awesome he is, we will experience joy in our service, our witness, our sacrifices and our suffering.

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Contributors Tim Chester
ISBN 9786155446764
Format Paperback
First published December 2022
Dimensions 140mm x 196mm x 11mm
Weight 0.22 kg
Language Hungarian
Pages 200
Publisher KIA Foundation

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