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Capturing God ebook

The surprising image that reveals the truth about God

from 5 reviews

This evangelistic book shows readers that Jesus loves them so much that he died on the cross in their place. Perfect for Easter.

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Imagine being offered one photograph that captured the essence of God—an image that revealed everything you need to know about everything that matters. And imagine if this picture of God would shock you… shake you… and change you forever.

em>Would you look at it?

Rico Tice takes readers to the cross in all its shock, inviting them to see God as they have never seen him before. Readers will see that Jesus loves them so much that he died in their place and that the God presented in Luke’s Gospel is a God of integrity, welcome, justice and peace.

This title is available in braille, large print or on DAISY audio CD by contacting Torch Trust's Client Services team on 01858 438260.

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  • 1. A Picture Paints

    2. Integrity

    3. Welcome

    4. Justice

    5. Peace

    6. Finding Yourself

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Contributors Rico Tice
ISBN 9781784981600
Format eBook
First published January 2017
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Vaughan Roberts

Rector, St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford

This is vintage Tice: a warm, engaging, crystal-clear presentation of the gospel. It gets straight to the heart of the Bible’s message and right under the skin of the reader.

Terry Virgo

New Frontiers

This book will fascinate anyone who is curious about God and wants to know more. Rico Tice captures an image of God with a sharp focus that will surprise readers and make them want to know him for themselves.

Amy Orr-Ewing

Director of OCCA; author of Millennials

With clarity and insight, Rico challenges us to consider the implications of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Both sobering and inspiring, he invites us to investigate the events of Good Friday and to have the courage to live in the light of what it means for us and for this world.

Customer reviews

20 Oct 2023

“Great book, sharing the gospel”

(Review written for 'Capturing God')

I love this book. Rico Rice finds an interesting and personal way of sharing and communicating the gospel today in this book, Capturing God. Is a great evangelist tool and we used this tool as a handout at our wedding. Highly recommend.

5 Sep 2021


(Review written for 'Capturing God')

This is a fantastic and accessible book. The picture that ultimately shows us God's character, is that of the Lord Jesus hanging on the cross. As this is revealed, we are challenged to own which of the 'onlookers' at the foot of the cross best represents us in this life-changing image...

18 Oct 2019

“Seem to have read this before but reading it a second time”

(Review written for 'Capturing God')

Excellent! I can't put it down, but I am reading it slowly as I want to take it all in.

8 May 2017

“Concise and yet profound”

(Review written for 'Capturing God')

This book is very readable coming at the Easter Story from a unique angle. It is short enough to be read by a seeker and yet does not sacrifice the truth for brevity. Just as you would expect from Rico Tice. Give them away as much as you can

11 Mar 2017

“Imaginative presentation of Jesus”

(Review written for 'Capturing God')

Rico tells the old, old story in a new imaginative way. I am happy to pass this book onto the younger generation in my family.

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Capturing God (ebook) | Rico Tice |
£1.99 £1.59