Don't Call It a Comeback (ebook)

Don't Call It a Comeback ebook

The Old Faith For A New Day

Contributions by Thabiti Anyabwile & Ted Kluck, edited by Kevin DeYoung

This book hopes to to assert the stability, relevance, and necessity of Christian orthodoxy today

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Recent cultural interest in evangelicalism has led to considerable confusion about what the term actually means. Many young Christians are tempted to discard the label altogether. But evangelicalism is not merely a political movement in decline or a sociological phenomenon on the rise, as it has sometimes been portrayed. It is, in fact, a helpful theological profile that manifests itself in beliefs, ethics, and church life.

Kevin DeYoung and other key twenty- and thirty-something evangelical Christian leaders present Don't Call It a Comeback: The Same Evangelical Faith for a New Day to assert the stability, relevance, and necessity of Christian orthodoxy today. This book introduces young, new, and under-discipled Christians to the most essential and basic issues of faith in general and of evangelicalism in particular.

Kevin DeYoung and contributors like Tim Challies, Ted Kluck, Justin Taylor examine what evangelical Christianity is and does within the broad categories of history, theology, and practice. They demonstrate that evangelicalism is still biblically and historically rooted and remains the same framework for faith that we need today.

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  • Foreword - D.A. Carson

  • Introduction: All Grown Up and Nothing to Say - Kevin DeYoung

  • Part 1: Evangelical History: Looking Forward and Looking Back

  • 1. The Secret to Reaching the Next Generation - Kevin DeYoung

  • 2. The Story of Evangelicalism from the Beginning and Before - Collin Hansen

  • Evangelical Theology: Thinking, Feeling, and Believing the Truths That Matter Most

  • 3. God: Not Like You - Jonathan Leeman

  • 4. Scripture: How the Bible Is a Book Like No Other - Andy Naselli

  • 5. The Gospel: God's Self-Substitution for Sinners - Greg Gilbert

  • 6. New Birth: "You Must Be Born Again" - Ben Peays

  • 7. Justification: Why The Lord Our Righteousness Is Better News Than the Lord Our Example Jay Harvey

  • 8. Sanctification: Being Authentically Messed Up is Not Enough - Owen Strachan

  • 9. Kingdom: Heaven After Earth, Heaven on Earth or Something Else Entirely? - Russell Moore

  • 10. Jesus Christ: The Only Way and Our Only Hope - Tim Challies

  • Part 3: Evangelical Practice: Learning to Live Life God's Way

  • 11. Its Sometimes a Wonderful Life: Evangelicals and Vocation - Ted Kluck

  • 12. Social Justice: What's God Got to Do, Got to Do with It - Darrin Patrick

  • 13. Homosexuality: Grace, Truth, and the Need for Gentle Courage - Eric Redmond and Kevin DeYoung

  • 14. Abortion: Why Silence and Inaction Are Not Options For Evangelicals - Justin Taylor

  • 15. Gender Confusion and a Gospel-Shaped Counterculture - Denny Burk

  • 16. The Local Church: Not Always Amazing but Loved by Jesus - Thabiti Anyabwile

  • 17. Worship: It's a Big Deal - Tullian Tchvidjian

  • 18. Missions: The Worship of Jesus and the Joy of All Peoples - David Mathis

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Contributors Thabiti Anyabwile, Ted Kluck, Kevin DeYoung
ISBN 9781433521720
Format Digital (delivered electronically)
Language English
Publisher Crossway
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