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Discipleship Matters (ebook)

Discipleship Matters ebook

Dying to Live for Christ

An honest look at the Bible's teaching on discipleship, and how we find deep joy as we consider Jesus, lose our lives for his sake and live counter-culturally.

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Discipleship involves a gentle journey with our Saviour. Its demands will dovetail happily with our carefully crafted plans.

Wrong. Peter Maiden pulls no punches as he looks at what a disciple should look like today. Are we prepared to follow Jesus' example? Lose our lives for his sake? Live counter-culturally in a world that values power, prestige and money, and constantly puts self at the centre?

Of all people, Jesus, the Son of God, has the authority to require this of us. And he's calling us to a relationship, not to a set of rules or a miserable, spartan existence. In fact, it is through losing our lives that we find them, and thereby discover the source of pure joy.

What a pity we set the bar too low.

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  • Foreword

  • 1 Born again
    2 It’s all about relationship
    3 Dead men walking
    4 Identity
    5 The Holy Spirit - Fruit and gifts
    6 Mind the gap
    7 Sex
    8 Whose slave?
    9 Time
    10 Work
    11 Spiritual disciplines
    12 Community
    13 Mission

  • A final word


Contributors Peter Maiden
ISBN 9781783593569
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher IVP
Independent reviews

Jesus Changes Everything

Karen Soole, Evangelicals Now, 1 Feb 2016

This lies at the heart of Peter Maiden’s book. He is concerned that we do not compartmentalise God; acknowledging God on a Sunday, but forgetting him on a Monday. It is a challenge not just to those who are nominal in their faith but a challenge to all believers to live consistently and completely for Christ. He makes it clear that God is sovereign over everything and as such we should submit the whole of our lives to him. This is a book full of encouragements and rebukes but the lesson is clear: living for Jesus involves living a transformed life, not because of duty, but because of a restored relationship with God.... continue reading

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Discipleship Matters (ebook) | Peter Maiden |
£7.99 £6.39