Discipleship Explored DVD

Discipleship Explored DVD

What's the best love you've ever known?

Brand new DVD to accompany the Discipleship Explored course.

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This eight-session journey through Paul's letter to the Philippians will help believers young and old to discover the greatest love anyone could ever know, and how to live as disciples of Christ Jesus today.

This DVD, shot on location around the world, contains a talk for each of the eight sessions as well as trailers and subtitles for the hard of hearing. Each film also has interviews with Christians from around the world, including those who have been persecuted for their faith.

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  • Episode 1 - Confident in Christ
  • Episode 2 - Living in Christ
  • Episode 3 - One in Christ
  • Episode 4 - Obedient in Christ
  • Episode 5 - Righteous in Christ
  • Episode 6 - Transformed in Christ
  • Episode 7 - Rejoicing in Christ
  • Episode 8 - Content in Christ
  • Trailers


Author Barry Cooper
ISBN 9781784982041
Format DVD video (Amaray)
First published 2018
Dimensions 138mm x 187mm x 9mm
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company/CE

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We should watch the "Righteousness in Christ" episode at least once a year because it encapsulates the truth of justification so well and applies it so powerfully.

Tim Chester

Pastor, author & conference speaker

Discipleship Explored has always been a valuable tool for helping Christians understand what it means to follow Christ. But with this new series of films, along with the accompanying leader’s and guest Handbooks, it reaches another level of excellence. The films are a pleasure to watch; Thabiti Anyabwile conveys the meaning of Philippians as he reads it for us, section by section; and Barry Cooper excels as an engaging guide to help us understand Paul’s Letter to the Philippians and apply it to our lives today. And all this comes with a wonderfully international flavour to both the locations used and the Christians who make cameo appearances. If, after using Discipleship Explored, you don’t love Philippians and want to grow more like Christ, you may be spiritually brain dead. The only downside is that it may make you impatient for this team to do the rest of the New Testament!

Sinclair B Ferguson

Professor of Systematic Theology, Redeemer Seminary, Dallas

The quality of the content is matched by the quality of presentation in this amazing series.

Michael Horton

Professor of Theology, Westminster Seminary California

Customer reviews

“Helpful, encouraging, and challenging”

(Review written for 'Discipleship Explored Leader's Kit')

I highly recommend this course. We completed the course last night and our people enjoyed it very much. I think it bridges the distance between brand new Christians and mature Christians very well. Many of the questions and 'assignments' were basic, but they also served as a valuable basis upon which deeper and perennial questions were discussed. We're going to be rolling the course out through our small groups and using it as a baseline discipleship course for our entire church.


“Good with reservations”

(Review written for 'Discipleship Explored Leader's Kit')

I ordered a leader's pack plus 5 study guides which arrived very quickly. The DVD was faulty but quickly replaced by GBC and I discovered the pack came with a code so I could download the videos onto a USB stick and play them through the TV that way.
What I hadn't expected was to find the videos and study guides completely different from what we have been using at church in our home groups! Barry has grown a beard and looks older. He sounds easier to listen to - this matters since my hearing has deteriorated a lot recently. There is less boomy base, the videos have been completely re-shot to represent world Christianity - a huge improvement.
Because we have been using the older version, we couldn't use the new version for new members and to complete the course together. But the new version is better.
Rather odd editing issue: the study guide first page has the usual icons for types of activity but the prayer icons but the prayer icon is never actually used! But a new icon for group discussion does feature throughout the guide.
While we have had a brilliant preaching series through Philippians (we just moved and joined our current church a year ago) and we have been doing the studies in our homegroup, we think the studies might be best spread over 2 sessions per study. Otherwise, there is too much material which drives out time for prayer. We can't start till nearly 9pm and struggle to finish before 10.30 leaving no time to pray. SAo, in future, we will re-think how we use the studies.
Finally, Our sermon on Philippians 3 touched very well on "I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection..." as the resource and motivation to push on. we were disappointed at finding the study and video don't seem to develop this.


“Great course for new Christians”

(Review written for 'Discipleship Explored Leader's Kit')

Been using this with new Christians in Hull, and it has been great for focussing them on Christ, walking them through Philippians and getting them into reading the Bible for themselves.

New videos combine great visuals and talks that home in on main point of passage and really help the discussion and Bible study afterwards.

We'll use it again and I highly recommend it.


“Love Jesus? You will love this!”

(Review written for 'Discipleship Explored Leader's Kit')

Growing in our relationship with Christ is the heart of Discipleship Explored.

DE is a wonderful way to study Philippians in depth but it is much more too.

To be "in Christ Jesus" means to know him more intimately and deeply as Lord, Saviour and King. Through the eyes and pen of Paul we are party to this intimate love letter written to the church in Philippi.

Over 8 weeks we explore what it means to follow Jesus. How our joy, righteousness, contentment and sufficiency is all found in Him.

Barry Cooper, who presents each episode, is such an empathetic and authentic guide - he reveals more about himself personally and how Christ has changed him than in the previous version of DE and this adds greatly to its effectiveness.

The quality of the films is consistent with what the Netflix generation expects. The subjects all over the world who are interviewed over the 8 weeks feel like friends by the end and their heartfelt commitment to Jesus and his transforming grace shines through.

It is a great programme as a follow on to Christianity Explored or Life Explored or as a standalone course for people who have already committed themselves to Christ.

It will not disappoint!


“Rich Content with Applied Theology that's Visually Breathtaking”

(Review written for 'Discipleship Explored Leader's Kit')

Our church's twelve Sunday evening small groups just completed Discipleship Explored as our fall study. In the 2+ years of small groups, I've received more positive feedback from this one than any other. I ws often moved to tears as I previewed the material. Rich biblical content, thoughtful applied theology, moving interviews with brothers and sisters around the globe, and visually breathtaking. The followup questions in the handbook are fantastic, although we rarely covered all of them due to the discussion that each session's message inspired. I highly recommend this study. It has set the bar very high for whatever studies will follow.


“Helpful resource”

(Review written for 'Discipleship Explored Leader's Kit')

Excellent DVD that does a good job of enabling us to engage deeply with the story of Philippians. Production values of booklets not quite so high but content is clear, thoroughly true to the text, and a helpful guide. Thank you!


“Excellent material and good value”

The discipleship material is excellent and complimented our study of fruits of the Spirit.


“Excellent material and good value”

The discipleship material is excellent and complimented our study of fruits of the Spirit.


“Excellent resource, well produced, packaged and helpful”

(Review written for 'Discipleship Explored Leader's Kit')

I had used the previous discipleship explored series and this outstrips it by miles. The presentations are warm, incisive and really inspired. The focus on the video comes up in lots of good ways in the study afterwards, and the whole series is really well packaged and appropriate. No Bible study should be used right out of the box without some prayerful preparation, but I think this comes as close to that as I've found. I've loved using it and have no hesitation in recommending it.



(Review written for 'Discipleship Explored Leader's Kit')

We have just been through this together as a church. I particularly appreciated how faithful it is to the text, how consistently Christ-centered is it, and how accessible and relevant it is to daily life. Questions arose every week that had us thinking how to honour Jesus more in our lives. I would highly recommend it.


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Discipleship Explored DVD | Barry Cooper | £24.99 £21.24