Custom NIV Gospel Printing

Putting a gospel into people's hands can be a really effective way of reaching them with the good news about Jesus. We've been helping University CUs to produce customised gospels for years, and can now make this service available to anyone who wants to put together a local outreach campaign.

It could be your own church dropping them through doors, or why not get together with a group of churches in your area, and produce a gospel dedicated to your local area. Adding pages of testimonies from local christians, an introduction specially for your event or area, or even a list of events you are organising will encourage people to read it. And wrapping it up in a cover with a local picture will encourage people to discover the good news about Jesus for themselves.

Please email us if you'd like us to send you a sample of a customised Gospel.

Use the calculator below to work out how much it will cost. You'll be surprised how little it costs to create a customised Gospel of your own.

Our Procedure

Step by Step Estimated time elapsed  
1. Fill out the form below to obtain an estimated cost.
2. Click 'Submit' to send the request to us.
3. We will email you with instructions for providing the artwork and copy in the correct file formats. 2 days
4. Following the guidance in the email, you send us the files and job specification. 4 days
5. We will check the supplied files and send you the final estimate, with a low-resolution mockup of the final design. 8 days
6. You send us confirmation and payment for the job. 10 days
7. We will do the design work, and obtain proofs of the book, which we will send to you. 20 days*
8. You check that the proofs are correct, and send us final confirmation. 22 days
9. We will send the job to press, and the printed books will be delivered directly to you. 40 days
In the worst-case it may take the UK NIV rights holders Hodder & Stoughton up to 3 weeks to approve the design before it can go to print. Please allow extra time for this.


Gospel Price Calculator

This online tool allows you to get an estimated price for your custom Gospel print run. For more information about each option, please click the .

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(Prices are estimates only, and may vary depending on the job specifics.)

  • If you would like to order, enter your email address and click the button below. You will receive a pack via email with instructions on how to proceed.