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Living in the Light of the Trinity

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God is Trinity. For many believers, this is one of the least-examined aspects of the Christian life.

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Connected unpacks the practical implications of the truth that God is Father, Son and Spirit. This transforms how we think of God and provides a vital perspective on key topics like:
- identity
- gender
- church life
- discipleship
- prayer

Could any issue be more important than this?

The Trinity should never be shrouded in mystery - or jargon. Follow in Sam's footsteps and you will soon find yourself, like him, praising this awesome God who is Trinity.

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  • Introduction

  • The Trinity and God
    1. God: the bottom line
    God is one (1)
    2. Divine integrity
    God is one (2)
    3. The One who is three
    God as Trinity (1)
    4. The party that never ends
    God as Trinity (2)
    The Trinity and us
    5. You: an introduction
    The Trinity and humanity
    6. You may now serve the bride
    The Trinity and gender
    7. Showing God to the world
    The Trinity and church
    8. What really happens when you talk to God
    The Trinity and prayer
    9. To the praise of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    The Trinity and worship


Contributors Sam Allberry
ISBN 9781844746767
Format eBook
First published June 2012
Language English
Publisher IVP
Customer reviews

20 Feb 2013

“A punchy book on the Trinity that is relentlessly practical!”

(Review written for 'Connected')

Connected is a fantastic book on the Trinity, that is short, yet relentlessly practical.

Alberry starts by giving an overview of the Trinity in the first half of the book. In particular he looks at how God is one, but also how God is three. Then in the second half of the book he moves onto specific areas of life: such as marriage, the church and prayer and then skillfully shows how the doctrine of the Trinity applies there.

Don't let that make you think though, that the first few chapters are boring and dull. They are anything but.

The first chapter on God's 'Oneness' makes the great points that if there is only one God - and there is - then he is the God of everyone in the world, at all times and in all places. So, we should get out there to tell people about this God. And secondly, if he is the only God - then he demands all of our lives, and not just the little bits we want to give him.

The latter chapters on marriage and church are particularly good.

We've been reading this together as a church. And my only critique of the book, is sometimes Alberry moves at a pace that can be slightly faster than some of his readers. For example in the second chapter on God's oneness, he makes the point that you can't worship the Son without the Father, but then moves from that to establish the doctrine for the other members of the Trinity. He also seems to repeat some of his application in this chapter from the first chapter. This however, is only a minor point.

If you think that the Trinity is a dry, dusty, doctrine, then this book is for you. It's also for those who want to be ruthlessly Trinitarian.

Highly recommended.

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