Come, Lord Jesus

Meditations on the Second Coming of Christ

Bestselling author John Piper, examines end-times theology.

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Many people are curious about the second coming of Christ—what it will be like, when it will happen, and what signs will come first. In his latest book, Come, Lord Jesus, John Piper addresses all these issues, but stresses that those who love the second coming of Christ will receive a crown of righteousness (2 Timothy 4:6–8).

Piper examines key biblical texts around the second coming while encouraging readers toward a Spirit-awakened affection for Jesus’ return. He also explores important questions such as, Could Jesus come at any moment, or must certain events happen first?; What does it mean to “Watch, for you know neither the day nor the hour”?; and What should we be doing when he comes?

With a special focus on the teachings of Jesus, Paul, and Peter, this book portrays not only the glory of the revealed Savior, but also the glorification of the resurrected saints.


- Christ-exalting eschatology: Piper guides Christians to examine whether they long for the appearing of Christ, and what this event will mean for Christians, non-Christians, and for Christ himself
- Careful exegesis: Piper pays close attention to the words of Scripture, especially with a view to showing how Jesus and Paul were of one mind about the second coming
- Practical: The final 5 chapters are devoted to how Christians should live in this age between the first and second appearing of Christ

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  • Part 1: Reasons to Love Christ’s Appearing
    Prelude to Part 1: The Miracle We Seek: Love
    Chapter 1: All Who Have Loved His Appearing
    Chapter 2: How Can a Book Awaken Love for Christ’s Appearing?
    Chapter 3: The Glory of Christ as the Primary Reality of His Coming: The Heart of the Matter, Part 1
    Chapter 4: Experiencing the Glory of Christ with Joyful Amazement: The Heart of the Matter, Part 2
    Chapter 5: The Grace Being Brought to You at the Revelation of Christ
    Chapter 6: Will We Be Blameless at the Coming of Christ?
    Chapter 7: We Will Be Perfected Mind, Heart, and Body
    Chapter 8: Jesus Will Deliver Us from the Wrath of Jesus
    Chapter 9: In Flaming Fire, with Vengeance and Relief
    Chapter 10: Repaying Each for What He Has Done
    Chapter 11: Rejoicing in the Hope of Receiving Different Rewards
    Chapter 12: The Joy of Personal Fellowship with the Sovereign Servant

  • Part 2: The Time of His Appearing
    Prelude to Part 2: The Time and the Love of Christ’s Appearing
    Chapter 13: Did Jesus Teach That He Would Return within One Generation?
    Chapter 14: What Does the New Testament Mean That Jesus Will Come Soon?
    Chapter 15: Is There an Any-Moment Rapture before the Second Coming?
    Chapter 16: Jesus and Paul: A Common Vision of Christ’s Coming
    Chapter 17: What Must Happen before the Lord’s Appearing?

  • Part 3: How Then Shall We Live?
    Prelude to Part 3: Living between the Two Appearings of Christ
    Chapter 18: End-Time Alertness and Love for Christ’s Appearing
    Chapter 19: Patient, Joyful, Not Deceived, Not Alarmed
    Chapter 20: Coming Justice, Present Gentleness
    Chapter 21: Go to Work, Go to Church
    Chapter 22: End-Time Praying, for Yourself and the Mission

  • O Come, Lord Jesus, Come: A Hymn to Christ
    General Index
    Scripture Index
    Desiring God Note on Resources

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Contributors John Piper
ISBN 9781433584954
Format Hardback
First published March 2023
Dimensions 152mm x 228mm x 30mm
Weight 0.59 kg
Language English
Pages 304
Publisher Crossway

Thomas R. Schreiner

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Readers should not neglect this important book on the coming of the Lord Jesus and the last times. We are stirred to love Jesus’s appearing and to live now in light of the last day, in light of the return of the King. Certainly there are disagreements about the end times, but no one will be able to dispute that Piper argues carefully and extensively from the Scriptures. I found this book to be fuel for the mind and the heart, one that is full of biblical and practical wisdom.

Stephen Witmer

pastor of Pepperell Christian Fellowship, Massachusetts, and adjunct professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

In Come, Lord Jesus, John Piper anticipates our questions about the last things, clarifies and improves those questions, then delivers trustworthy answers from the Scriptures. More than that, he stokes our longing for Jesus’s return. This is a truly ‘Christian Hedonist’ eschatology: robustly biblical, radically hope-giving, and relentlessly focused on our eternal enjoyment of the glorious triune God.

Mike Bullmore

Senior Pastor, Crossway Community Church; father of three grown children

Of all of John Piper’s books, this may be the one I’m most glad he wrote. In our commitment to gospel-centrality we must find ways to more fully and more regularly celebrate the grand consummation of God’s redemptive purposes, and this book helps us do just that. Piper addresses and helpfully answers many of our questions about the second coming, but the great contribution of this book is its stirring of our hearts with the truth of God’s word. In so doing, Piper charges our eagerness and our joy as we anticipate that day when Christ will come in all his glory. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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Come, Lord Jesus | John Piper |
£21.99 £17.59