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Click Unit 8: 5-7s Child's Component

Easy-to-use, Bible-centered teaching material for 5-7s

The child's component is a 'God's Family Notebook'.

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Unit 8 for 5-7s looks at the subject of 'God is faithful from Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah.'

The child's component for this unit is a 'God's Family Notebook' which summarises what the children learn in each session. There are also photocopiable 'Activity cards' that involve the students in the sessions and 'Activity sheets' which provide activities to reinforce concepts taught in each session.

This child's component accompanies the Click Unit 8: 5-7s Leaders Manual. There is also a Leader's Pack available.

CLICK is a Bible-based programme for teaching and discipling children from 3-11 years. The CLICK curriculum is based on the belief that the Bible’s own theological framework should direct what is taught and how it is taught. CLICK is Bible-based, teaching the major events, concepts and doctrines of the Bible. It’s also great fun!

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  • God is Faithful from Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah
  • 1. God strengthens Daniel (Daniel 1)
  • 2. God gives Daniel understanding (Daniel 2)
  • 3. God gives courage (Daniel 3)
  • 4. God rules over all (Daniel 5)
  • 5. God rescues Daniel (Daniel 6)
  • 6. God brings His people home (Ezra 1 v 1-2 v 1; 3 v 1-v 5, 24)
  • 7. God sends a leader (Nehemiah 1 v 1 - 2 v 10)
  • 8. God helps His people (Nehemiah 2 v 11-18; ch 4-6)
  • 9. God sends Jesus (Luke 2 v 22-40)
  • 10. God's people in other lands (Isaiah 49; John 3, 14; Acts 15)

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Age range: 5 - 7
Contributors Alison Mitchell
Format A4
First published June 2007
Dimensions 210mm x 297mm x 1mm
Language English
Pages 16
Publisher The Good Book Company
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Click Unit 8: 5-7s Child's Component | Alison Mitchell | £1.49