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Christmas in Three Words

from 16 reviews

Vaughan Roberts takes us to the heart of the Christian message in his warm, clear and engaging style.

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How would you sum up Christmas in just three words?

Vaughan Roberts takes us to the heart of the Christian message by showing us how the coming of Jesus into the world on the very first Christmas day is:

* Historical - it really Happened

* Joyful - it's good news for everyone

* Essential - something we ignore at our peril

Reading this booklet will change the way you see Christmas forever...

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Contributors Vaughan Roberts
ISBN 9781905564804
Format Booklet
First published October 2007
Dimensions 105mm x 148mm x 1.1mm
Weight 0.02 kg
Language English
Pages 16
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

3 Nov 2020

“Historical, Joyful and Essential!”

An ideal booklet to enclose in a Christmas card with a clear Gospel message. A message both historical, joyful and essential to everyone!

2 Jan 2020

“great for friends and family”

A easy read, maybe a little too long. I had them at a Christmas social to give to friends....I have no feed back from them. I will use them again

30 Dec 2019

“Excellent booklet to give to unchurched folk”

Great resource, excellent to give to unchurched people. Not cringe making. would use again,

4 Jan 2019

“Great resource”

I was very pleased with this booklet. It was well written and presented and perfect to give away to parents at our Parent and Toddler group Christmas event.

20 Dec 2017

“An excellent booklet”

This is a brilliant booklet to give away at Christmas. The gospel message is clearly presented through the events of the first Christmas in Vaughan Roberts laid back, easy read style.

17 Feb 2017

“Christmas begins here”

Well written and helpfully illustrated - a quality product. Best suited to student-type contacts. The message is helpfully simple - Christmas is historical: it really happened, joyful and it really matters. Draws on helpful quotations - from Harrod's to Sting - but is rooted in the Bible. Some readers may not get to the end but for those who do will find a helpful prayer and four helpful steps to take in order to grow your faith.

3 Jan 2016

“pretty good”

An easy read for someone who is asking questions about Christian faith. I especially like the emphasis on "historical" as most people under 40 think Jesus is about as historical as Santa Claus! Well presented and attractive to give away.

12 Sep 2013

“Insightful, helpful and encouraging”

I found the booklet a fantastic outline of the gospel - I was also happy that it encouraged readers to take a look at The Word itself, rather than simply be peppered with bible quotes. It has been easy to pass on to colleagues, visitors and friends. I ordered mine early this year and having them on my kitchen table in preparation for Christmas card writing has certainly caught people's attention and sparked conversation!

2 Jan 2013

“attractive,well-written,intro off-putting ”

I had planned to give this to our God-daughter, but did not once it arrived.
The first page put me off. It was the "Christmas in three words". A good idea, but then the 3 words were not punchy and prevented me from wanting to read on.
Now that I have read on in order to review it, I think that the words are very well chosen. I want to send it to our God-daughter in retrospect, with an apology for page 1.
I think you need to think of a different title from "Christmas in 3 words", because "Historical, joyful and essential" just don't pack a punch. They are fine, though, as sub-headings for the text.
Good front cover and illustrations.

6 Dec 2012

“Christmas story with an evangelistic challenege”

This little booklet is very much Vaughan Roberts - presented simply but in detail. It gives the reader a good insight to the Christmas story with a call to faith in the Christ of Christmas. I give it to homes where I visit to give a Christain calendar and I leave with the confidence that the booklet will leave the reader in no doubt as to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is a topical well written booklet that gives clarity to the real message of Christmas

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Christmas in Three Words | Vaughan Roberts |
£0.50 £0.45