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The Wonder of Easter (ebook)

The Wonder of Easter ebook

An Easter Journey for the whole family

from 5 reviews

Lent devotional that the whole family can enjoy

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How to do a Family Bible Time
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Take ten minutes with your family each day to prepare for Easter.

This flexible, easy-to-use Lent devotional will allow both adults and children to celebrate the limitless wonder of Easter. Walk through Luke’s Gospel and the Old Testament to discover why the story of Jesus' death and resurrection is the most amazing story ever told.

This is a discussion-based resource with differentiated questions for 3-4s, 5-7s, 7-12s, teens and adults! At just 10 minutes each, these devotions are an achievable joy, not an unrealistic burden.

There are five devotions for each week. If you can't get to it every day, that's alright. Stuff happens. We hope that if you miss one you can pick it up again easily. You might discover that five a week is an unrealistic target—if so, some studies have been marked as KEY to help you choose which ones to pick.

Product details


  • Introduction
    What you can expect
    Bible timeline
    34 family devotionals starting on Shrove Tuesday and ending on Easter Sunday


Age range: 3+
Contributors Ed Drew
ISBN 9781784984052
Format eBook
First published January 2019
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

Shout as Jesus rides on a donkey into Jerusalem as the returning King.
Listen as an innocent man is sentenced to the ultimate punishment.
Mourn as the King of the Universe dies.
Share the relief that Christ’s pain brings us into his Kingdom.
Watch as the King rises again.
Imagine the hill outside Jerusalem as the disciples watch their best friend rise to rule in Heaven.
Discover the greatest story of human history.


Colin Buchanan

Christian Children's Recording artist and author, Sydney, Australia

Christian family devotions—regular, simple, shared Bible times around the table—are a precious challenge throughout the seasons of family life. The what and how of starting (or re-starting!) can be the first hurdle. Ed Drew to the rescue! “The Wonder Of Easter” makes it so easy for families to plunge together into the Bible with a series of family devotions that are accessible (10 minutes, 5 per week), realistic (key studies highlighted for when you miss some), flexible (pre-school to teen options) and biblical (it’s built around Luke’s Gospel.) Using his experience as a father and formidable children’s pastor, Ed has created a book to blend into the background as your family encounter the Easter adventures of Jesus together. Open this book after dinner tonight and head off with your family on a day-by-day shared Bible adventure of your own that will, by God’s grace, shape the hearts and lives of a generation.

Randall Goodgame

Singer-songwriter, Slugs & Bugs music

Without fuss or labor, "The Wonder of Easter" deftly guides families through Jesus’ last days with both Old Testament and New Testament references. I’m grateful to Ed Drew for creating such a rich resource to help families like mine prepare our hearts for Easter and stay centered on the passion and resurrection of Jesus!

John Stevens

National Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, UK

The death and resurrection of Jesus are the very heart of the Christian faith. This engaging new resource will help families hear the Easter story together from Luke’s Gospel. Requiring just ten minutes a day, it provides readings, prayers, activities and questions that are tailored for all ages. It is biblically faithful, easy for parents to use, and will enable the whole family to delight in the wonder of what God has done for us through Jesus. It would be an ideal way to start, restart or refresh daily family devotions.

Customer reviews

28 Mar 2022


(Review written for 'The Wonder of Easter')

Once again another fantastic family devotional from Ed Drew. It engages our 3, 6 and 8 year olds at their level and brings the story alive for us all… I can’t recommend highly enough!

5 Mar 2021

“So easy to engage the whole family”

(Review written for 'The Wonder of Easter')

It can be hard to find resources to cover the whole family (we are currently ages 9 - 15 plus adults!) But Ed's book makes it so easy to engage everyone at the right level and we come away every day encouraged and with something really meaningful to pray about. Thank you Ed and more like this please!

9 Apr 2019

“Fantastic resource for a family of all ages!”

(Review written for 'The Wonder of Easter')

We really enjoyed using this with our three children. Each devotion is a great length, with some practical tips to engage more if you want - or just go through the questions - and our kids loved each having a question pitched for their different ages. This has landed perfectly with us - one of the best family resources we've used together!

7 Apr 2019

“Godchildren are loving it!”

(Review written for 'The Wonder of Easter')

I bought this for my godchildren, aged 11, 9 and 6. This is what their mother wrote to me yesterday "The kids love taking turns to answer a question and the little suggested activity that goes with each day. Really bringing the Easter Story and each part of its significance alive for them. They're being led to pray really insightful prayers each day. One of our best family presents ever!"

21 Feb 2019

“A realistic resource from an expert!”

(Review written for 'The Wonder of Easter')

This family devotion is really easy to use - they've even printed the bible passage in the book because they know what it's like trying to be organised while your children are around. There are a range of questions for different ages so it should suit families of all shapes and sizes. The Faith in Kids podcast really helps with it, too. Definitely listen to that. Thanks so much, Ed, for sharing your gifts and experience with us in this way.

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The Wonder of Easter (ebook) | Ed Drew |
£4.99 £3.99