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Your Amazing Hands

A Training Young Hearts Rhyming Book

By Abbey Wedgeworth, illustrated by Emma Randall
from 8 reviews

A charming rhyming book that celebrates God’s good design for our hands, motivating children aged 3+ to use their hands to glorify God.

Part of the Training Young Hearts series.

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This charming rhyming book celebrates God’s good design for our hands, motivating children aged 3+ to use their hands to glorify God.  

Children will be inspired by all the creative and interesting things their hands can do—they can even use them to bring comfort and joy to others! They’ll discover that Jesus had hands just like ours and that he always used his hands in the most amazing ways, including to save us. 

Not only that: the way that Jesus used his hands means that we can be forgiven when we use our hands in the wrong way. Children are invited to pray for forgiveness when they make mistakes, and for help to use their hands in the ways God intends. The book’s fun rhyming style and colourful illustrations make it easy to engage with this life-altering message of repentance, forgiveness, and grace-fuelled obedience. 

Your Amazing Hands is part of the Training Young Hearts series, which consists of board books for toddlers as well as rhyming books for children over 3. All the books in the series train young hearts through the gospel, both by showing Jesus as an example and by explaining how his grace enables us to change. Parents, teachers and other loved ones can refer back to these resources when specific behaviours need to be both corrected and connected to forgiveness, grace and growth.

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Age range: 3+
Contributors Abbey Wedgeworth, Emma Randall
ISBN 9781784989699
Format Hardback
First published June 2024
Dimensions 210mm x 210mm x 9mm
Weight 0.33 kg
Language English
Pages 32
Publisher The Good Book Company

J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear is the pastor at The Summit Church

A delightfully creative and insightful book that teaches our kids that Christianity is not just about behavior change, but heart change, too.

Jane Watkins

Director of Mentoring, Growing Young Disciples

Simplifying biblical truth for children takes a lot of hard work, and Abbey has done it creatively, faithfully, and accessibly. Your Amazing Hands will help children to see the wonderful gospel story—and help parents to see gospel opportunities in everyday situations.

Caroline Saunders

Author, The Story of Water and The Story of Home

I adore how Abbey has brought her distinctive, gospel-centered encouragement and equipping to this series! Your Amazing Hands is a fun, engaging read that kids and caregivers will reach for often. They’ll find themselves slowly shaped to use their hands in a way that esteems the way Christ used his hands—to save us and bring us to himself.

Customer reviews

22 May 2024

“Adorable Rhyming Book!”

I absolutely loved this book!
It is so sweet wrote, with rhyming words, and beautifully explaining the gospel to young kids!
The illustrations are sweet and sincere!
This may be one of the best children’s book out there!

22 May 2024

“Excellent Teaching Tool”

This is a shorter version of my full review, which you can read at

In this book, Abbey Wedgeworth teaches preschool-aged kids to appreciate what God created their hands to do, such as clapping, building, creating, squeezing someone's hand to reassure them, and doing everyday tasks like getting dressed. Then she names things that we shouldn't do with our hands, such as hitting someone to hurt them, throwing things in anger, pointing to blame someone, stealing things, and pushing people because we want to be first.

After that, Wedgeworth says that God knew that we wouldn't always use our hands like we should, and that this is why God sent Jesus. She describes ways that Jesus used his hands to help people, and she writes about how he stretched out his hands to die on a cross. Then she writes about Jesus's resurrection, and she explains that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead lives in us, and that the Holy Spirit enables us to fight our temptations and do the right thing. She tells children that when we sin, we can pray to God for forgiveness and for help to obey. The book ends on the hopeful note that Jesus will make us like him one day, and encourages kids to remember what Jesus has done for us.

The rhyming text flows well, the illustrations from Emma Randall are cute and colorful, and the book offers a surprisingly thorough gospel message in a small package. The author explains concepts related to justification and sanctification in a simple, kid-friendly way, and offers hope and encouragement instead of only telling kids how to behave. This book is ideal for parents to use with their children, and it will also be great for many churches and Christian schools.

Note: I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

16 May 2024

“Beautiful Book for Little Ones”

The text points the young reader to Christ. Christ did only good and used His hands to serve. He knew we would fail so he stretched his hands out on the cross. He died and rose! "So the power that raises him could live inside you."

There so many things I love about this book: the clear presentation of the Gospel, the diverse group of children, and bright illustrations.

16 May 2024

“A Great Message for Kids”

This book is for kids 3 and up and I LOVE IT. I like how it talks about how our hands can be used to do good or do bad, especially for this age. My little one knows what the word hands means and sometimes he is known to hit, so I love talking about this with him right now.

I also like how this book has a Christ focus and talks about what Jesus did with His hands and how our hands are good because God created them.

I would definitely recommend this one for your littles.

14 May 2024

“Beautiful addition to the series”

@abbeywedgeworth knocks it out of the park with this sweet book about how our hands can be amazing. This is the first hardcover picture book from Training Young Hearts. Abby has 4 other books geared towards toddlers while this one is towards the preschool/early elementary age.

While the books talks about how amazing our hands are it also points to how they can go against what God says. With rhyming and gorgeous illustrations me and my kids both loved this book. We also saw how Jesus used his hands here on earth to heal, serve and wash feet. It’s a beautiful reminder of how we can use our hands for the glory of God.

14 May 2024

“On Repeat In Our Home”

I have seen Abbey Wedgeworth's lift-the-flap toddler books in the "Training Young Hearts" series all over Instagram. My youngest son is 3, so I wanted to avoid investing in new board books. When I saw that Abbey had written a rhyming picture book in the same series, I was very excited to read it with my kids.

This book is set to become a staple in our home. With four young boys who are highly physical, I am constantly looking for practical ways to teach them how to act. There's no better example than Jesus, and I love how Abbey shows how Jesus used HIS hands.

On the surface, this may look like a simple, sweet book. But it goes much deeper than most Christian children's books, and I am so impressed. For a book about hands, I am blown away by the beautifully clear gospel message aimed at preschoolers. The gospel is presented not only clearly but practically. Even the basics of repentance and sanctification are touched on in a very age-appropriate way.

The illustrations by Emma Randall are bright and engaging.

I HIGHLY recommend this book for all Christian families and classrooms. You will revisit it again and again.

13 May 2024


This book is part of the Training Young Hearts series. I've had the privilege of reading all their board books and they are absolutely wonderful for young kids. This book is a level up from the board books. It is still written for young children but adds a fun rhyming element along with more descriptive words.

I especially appreciate that Abbey lays out the entire Gospel in this book. She transitions so well from discussing the beauty and difficulties of our hands to Christ dying on the cross for our sins and renewing our hearts and minds to use our hands as He pleases.

Young children will not only enjoy the fun rhythmic writing, but also be able to comprehend the truth of Christ and what He has done for us.

The illustrations are also quite engaging. Many pages depict a young child(ren) utilizing their hands in beautiful ways (some non-beautiful ways as well). We also see depictions of Christ and the cross.

My only wish is that Wedgeworth would have included a list of fun activities for parents to do with their kids or a section of Scriptures that reveal the importance of our hands and/or Christ's sacrifice on the cross for parents to read and expand on with their kids. Providing these simple additional resources would have been a great bonus to the overall book.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

12 May 2024

“A Rhyming Version of a Lovely Book”

I've really enjoyed using the Training Young Hearts books with children, explaining how our hands, eyes and more can lead us to understand who we are and what God is like. This is a version for slightly older children with rhyming lines and it's a lovely addition to the series explaining how our hands can remind us of Jesus and what he has done!

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Your Amazing Hands | Abbey Wedgeworth, Emma Randall |
£8.99 £7.64