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Center Church

Doing balanced, gospel-centered ministry in your city

A collection of 12 essays outlining a theological vision for ministry that is organised around three core commitments

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In Center Church, Tim Keller outlines a broad theological vision that connects classical evangelical doctrine to holistic and vibrant ministry expression, particularly in globalised, urbanised settings.

Many pastors struggle to translate their theological beliefs into fruitful ministry in the places they are called to reach. It is not enough to simply know what to believe (theology) or, on the other hand, how to do ministry (methodology)---they need something in between. They need help thinking about ministry in a culture that no longer believes Christianity is a force for good, let alone the source of ultimate revealed truth in the person of Christ. Center Church, a collection of twelve essays by Timothy Keller, outlines a theological vision for ministry that is organised around three core commitments:

- Gospel-centered: The gospel of grace in Jesus Christ changes everything, from our hearts to our community to the world. It completely reshapes the content, tone and strategy of all that we do.

- City-centered: With a positive approach toward our culture, we learn to affirm that cities are wonderful, strategic and under-served places for gospel ministry.

- Movement-centered: Instead of building our own tribe, we seek the prosperity and peace of our community as we are led by the Holy Spirit.

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  • Introduction: Center Church Theological Vision
  • Part 1: Gospel Theology
  • 1. The Gospel Is Not Everything
  • 2. The Gospel Is Not a Simple Thing
  • 3. The Gospel Affects Everything
  • Part 2: Gospel Renewal
  • 4. The Need for Gospel Renewal
  • 5. The Essence of Gospel Renewal
  • 6. The Work of Gospel Renewal
  • Part 3: Gospel Contextualization
  • 7. Intentional Contextualization
  • 8. Balanced Contextualization
  • 9. Biblical Contextualization
  • 10. Active Contextualization
  • Part 4: City Vision
  • 11. The Tension of the City
  • 12. Redemption and the City
  • 13. The Call to the City
  • 14. The Gospel for the City
  • Part 5: Cultural Engagement
  • 15. The Cultural Crisis of the Church
  • 16. The Cultural Responses of the Church
  • 17. Why All the Models Are Right...and Wrong
  • 18. Cultural Engagement through Blended Insights
  • Part 6: Missional Community
  • 19. The Search for the Missional Church
  • 20. Centering the Missional Church
  • 21. Equpping People for Missional Living
  • Part 7: Integrative Ministry
  • 22. The Balance of Ministry Fronts
  • 23. Connecting People to God
  • 24. Connecting People to One Another
  • 25. Connecting People to the City
  • 26. Connecting People to the Culture
  • Part 8: Movement Dynamics
  • 27. Movements and Institutions
  • 28. The Church as an Organized Organism
  • 29. Church Planting as a Movement Dynamic
  • 30. The City and the Gospel Ecosystem

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Contributors Dr Timothy Keller
ISBN 9780310494188
Format Hardback
First published June 2012
Dimensions 188mm x 238mm x 50mm
Print size 8pt
Language English
Pages 402
Publisher Zondervan
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Center Church

Jonathan Leeman, 9Marks, February 12th 2013

Center Church is Keller’s magnum opus. It offers a textbook summary of this amazingly gifted pastor’s philosophy of ministry. If you have been hearing or reading Keller for any length of time, you will have encountered its themes. But this book provides the most careful and comprehensive presentation of Keller’s views I have encountered.... continue reading

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Center Church | Dr Timothy Keller | £25.00 £21.00