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Big Beliefs

Small devotionals introducing your family to big truths

A family devotional teaching the most important truths in the world in simple bite-size chunks with up-to-date illustrations and stimulating questions.

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It is a wonderful privilege to watch children start to grasp the precious truths of Scripture. Parents may hope to see this in a family devotion time, only to become overwhelmed and exhausted by the daily difficulties involved. We need help!

Big Beliefs! is a devotional expressly intended to enable parents to succeed and children to grow in grace and knowledge. Three weekly readings accompanied by suggested Scripture passages introduce and simply explain thirty-three key theological concepts found in the Westminster Confession of Faith (included in its entirety, in modern English). Questions following each reading will help you to start a conversation about what you have learned each day. This non-threatening, encouraging devotional will make a comprehensive beginning to your child’s understanding of Christianity’s big beliefs.

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  • Acknowledgments
    Part One: God’s Word
    Lesson 1: The Holy Scripture
    Part Two: God
    Lesson 2: God and the Holy Trinity
    Lesson 3: God’s Eternal Decree
    Lesson 4: Creation
    Lesson 5: Providence
    Part Three: The Fall, Sin, and Mankind
    Lesson 6: The Fall of Man, and Sin and Its Punishment
    Lesson 7: God’s Covenant with Man
    Lesson 8: Christ the Mediator
    Part Four: Salvation
    Lesson 9: Free Will
    Lesson 10: Effectual Calling
    Lesson 11: Justification
    Lesson 12: Adoption
    Lesson 13: Sanctification
    Lesson 14: Saving Faith
    Lesson 15: Repentance unto Life
    Part Five: The Christian Life
    Lesson 16: Good Works
    Lesson 17: The Perseverance of the Saints
    Lesson 18: The Assurance of Grace and Salvation
    Lesson 19: The Law of God
    Lesson 20: Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience
    Lesson 21: Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day
    Lesson 22: Lawful Oaths and Vows
    Lesson 23: The Civil Authorities
    Lesson 24: Marriage and Divorce
    Part Six: The Church
    Lesson 25: The Church
    Lesson 26: The Communion of Saints
    Lesson 27: The Sacraments
    Lesson 28: Baptism
    Lesson 29: The Lord’s Supper
    Lesson 30: Church Discipline
    Lesson 31: Synods and Councils
    Part Seven: The Last Things
    Lesson 32: The State of Men after Death and the Resurrection of the Dead
    Lesson 33: The Last Judgment
    Appendix: The Westminster Confession of Faith

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Contributors David Helm
ISBN 9781629951287
Format Paperback
First published October 2016
Dimensions 154mm x 228mm x 14mm
Weight 0.26 kg
Language English
Pages 192
Publisher P&R
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Big Beliefs | David Helm |
£11.99 £10.79