A Friend in the Dark

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A full-colour leaflet with Bible passages, puzzles and questions looking at Jesus as the light of the world.

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"A friend in the dark" is based on Jesus' words "I am the light of the world" in John 8v12. It is ideal for use in children's groups, at "Light Parties" or giving away to people who come to your door at Halloween.

Suitable for use with ages 6-12.

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  • • Light wins
  • • Help in the dark
  • • The light of the world
  • • The King of light


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Age range: 6 - 11
Author Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781908762207
First published 2012
Dimensions 140mm x 148mm x 1mm
Language English
Pages 6
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

“Great for primary-aged children”

This is my favourite of the Halloween tracts - it gently points the reader to why celebrating dark things might not make sense by setting out the wonderful truth about Jesus, the Light. Good mix of information and puzzles for primary age. I bought 50 but needed 80 - will order more next year!


“Great resource. Clear gospel presentation”

Spent ages trying to find good tracts for Halloween and this is by far the best. Bold graphics, simple concept of light overcoming darkness, activities to engage kids and clear gospel presentation. I'll be adding these to all our Halloween goody bags and look forward to seeing how God uses it.


“Brill evangelical tool”

We ran a light party at our church for the first time this year. We were nervous about giving a talk up front to the children and so we based it around this leaflet. The content is excellent. Not too much writing but to the point, activities for the children, and a clear gospel message. We used the prayer at the end as our prayer. Then we gave one to each child in their goodie bag to take home and hopefully read again. We searched online and in Christian bookshops and this is the best Halloween/Light Party tract that we could find.


“Leaflets for Trick or Treaters”

My wife and expected a number of Trick or Treaters call to our door and wanted to give them something more meaningful than just a packet of sweets, so we attached these leaflets to them! This booklet is excellent, a simple and clear explanation of the gospel in the context of Halloween with some activities and puzzles for the reader to engage with too. There's also space to add details of your local church or the person/organisation giving out the leaflet.
A good, thought provoking, resource at a very reasonable price.


“Leaflets for Light Party”

We have been running Light Parties on Halloween for the past 14 years, and throughout this time have been looking for a booklet/leaflet we could give to the children to take home but never found anything that was "just right". This year the search was over with "A Friend in the Dark". Well-written, with a combination of activities and information which points both adults and children to Jesus, and explains that as well as physical darkness being sometimes frightening, there are other things which can make life "dark", and Jesus can be a friend there too. The booklets are good value for money, well-produced and Bible based, and I can thoroughly recommend them to other Light Party organisers and Sunday Schools.



Great to be able to give out at our 'Shine' parties on 31st October. Very clear message and loves all the puzzles.


“Really well written,clear gospel resource for kids.”

We gave these out at our rainbow party and built the message around it and used the maze as an illustration up front to encourage the kids to look at the rest of it. I thought the title was relevant for the time of year and each title on the page was something children could relate to. Great to have activities for children to do. Wording was clear and good way of 'drawing' people from one page to the next.
I just wonder if the colour and pictures could be a bit more eye catching and used to enhance the words for the many kids who do not like to read.....perhaps with a character going through on each page......
Over all a useful gospel resource.Thanks.


“A worthy seed planter for those 6-9”

The pamphlet was rather larger than I anticipated - both in terms of external dimensions and pages, although only five had 'the message'] and, as I had not read any review thoroughly before purchase, I saw that it was targeted at a specific age group, probably primary school children, as you say 6-12. Certainly the title should have given me a clue! As such, the title was spot on but I thought for the 6-9 age group. The content was more various with activities designed to engage [word-searches and mazes are always a winner] and the introduction to the theme was measured and fairly gentle, designed for children who, perhaps, are more active than avid readers. Linking titles to an activity was a very good plan. After all the tract design was crafted probably for those who were excited about actively touring the streets for 'trick-or-treating' rather than a good read! But I regarded the pamphlet as an early seed planter; but I must be honest I did give out more of the other pamphlet I ordered on a similar theme 'Afraid of The Dark?' - all mine were given out to touring bands of 'weirdies' and their adult accompanists - I just wish I had had more - but some of the children were of a much younger age brought along with their siblings and for them the pamphlet probably was not the ideal communication tool as they seemed below reading age. The older children got the pamphlet "Afraid of The Dark?' as I thought this title more engaging for those children who were motivated by the occasion and excited by 'the unexpected'.
A place for a Bible teaching church contact sticker would be helpful on the pamphlets as I thought the message to find a "church where they teach the Bible' a little unrealistic. Even adults have a problem with this one!

But all-in-all a worthwhile pamphlet that, given God's Grace, can be in the hands of many children for whom this tract will be on their first step of salvation. That alone makes the whole effort totally worthwhile.

I hope this encourages the author to write more!


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