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10 Words to Live By

Delighting in and Doing What God Commands

Jen Wilkin
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The relevance of the Ten Commandments for us today.

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In Ten Words to Live By, Jen Wilkin reminds readers of the life-giving power of God’s perfect law for the believer.

The Ten Commandments are words about obedience and holiness—timeless in their importance and wisdom—spoken by God to a nation recently set free. Yet today these same words are often misunderstood, forgotten, or simply ignored.

Jen Wilkin teaches readers how the Ten Commandments come to bear on their lives today, helping them to love God and others, to live in joyful freedom, and to long for that future day when God will be rightly worshiped for eternity. Ancient and timeless, these words cannot be overlooked. They serve as the rightful delight and daily meditation of those who call on the name of the Lord.

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  • The Ten Words
    Introduction: Remember to Delight
    Chapter 1: The First Word: Undivided Allegiance
    Chapter 2: The Second Word: Undiminished Worship
    Chapter 3: The Third Word: Untarnished Name
    Chapter 4: The Fourth Word: Unhindered Rest
    Chapter 5: The Fifth Word: Honor Elders
    Chapter 6: The Sixth Word: Honor Life
    Chapter 7: The Seventh Word: Honor Marriage
    Chapter 8: The Eighth Word: Honor Property
    Chapter 9: The Ninth Word: Honor Reputation
    Chapter 10: The Tenth Word: Honor in the Heart
    Conclusion: On Earth as in Heaven
    General Index
    Scripture Index

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Contributors Jen Wilkin
ISBN 9781433566349
Format Paperback
Dimensions 134mm x 203mm x 11mm
Weight 0.20 kg
Language English
Pages 176
Publisher Crossway

Russell D. Moore

Editor in Chief, Christianity Today

In this short book, Jen Wilkin takes the reader through the Ten Commandments with her characteristic depth, wisdom, and clarity. Whether you have studied the Bible for decades or it is brand new to you, this book will help you to understand what these ancient words mean for you today. This book makes me covet Jen Wilkin’s amazing gifts of writing and teaching while giving me the tools to combat the coveting. Don’t steal this book, but get it any other way you can, and you’ll be glad you did.

Ruth Chou Simons

Artist and author of GraceLaced; founder of gracelaced.com

Jen Wilkin leads us to look at the Ten Commandments anew—welcoming obedience from a place of love and delight for the Lord, rather than fear and dread. For the believer set free in Christ, this is a reminder that the good news produces good fruit.

Hannah Anderson

Author, All That's Good and Humble Roots

In Ten Words to Live By, Jen Wilkin does what she does best: taking Scripture and making it plain; taking theology and revealing its everyday, here-and-now practicality. And once again, we remember that God’s ways and his commands are for our good. Once again, we remember that his words are life and health and peace.

Customer reviews

6 Mar 2021

“Ten Words to Love!”

Oh, man, where do I start? Jen Wilkin is a treasure! She’s one of those gems who can communicate beautifully in written and spoken word alike! She loves God and it’s obvious. She cares about making the Word of God, rightly divided, easily accessible to each reader and calling all of us in closer to see more of the heart and voice of God. And I am grateful. From the first lines, I was hooked, reading page after page. I’m teaching through her Women of the Word book right now and I can see her putting her own teaching into practice beautifully in these pages, bringing the text alive and asking the right questions to bring it home. It was hard to put this book down as night approached.

Jen's turns of phrase and observations, bringing out the depth of the meaning of each word, calling us to changed hearts, not just simple moralism, are beautiful. She gives us a vision for a future where “the things we have exalted will be cast down to the level of their real worth,” – and a call to place them there now, giving “undivided allegiance to the God of our costly deliverance.” But we don’t have to wait to cast off the idols of our hearts. “Why wait until the next life to esteem what God esteems? Jen calls us to put off the idols of our hearts and to worship God with single-minded allegiance, to see the building of the commandments, all stemming from the first call to worship God alone. This book is a practical call to love God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength; to love the law that helps us see Him better and be transformed into His likeness; to love the law He has so graciously given to us; and to love our neighbors as ourselves - as He has so kindly loved us.

Each chapter ends with a reflection question and a call to prayer. It's so good! I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book today!

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10 Words to Live By | Jen Wilkin |
£10.99 £7.55