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The Third Day (Portuguese)

The Third Day (Portuguese)

Discover Easter as you've never seen it before

Stunning new edition of this graphic-novel-style book faithfully illustrating the unadorned NIV text of Luke's Gospel.


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A new edition of this stunning graphic-novel-style book, faithfully illustrating the unadorned NIV text of the gospel of Luke.

It has a gritty, contemporary feel to it that is far removed from the clean, bright, graphic versions of the Bible already available for younger children.

This resource will introduce the biblical account of Easter to teens and young adults who enjoy reading illustrated graphic media.

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  • Part I: One of the Twelve
    Part II: The Sixth Hour
    Part III: The Third Day


Age range: 14+
Contributors Alex Webb-Peploe
ISBN 9788567002323
Format Paperback
Dimensions 170mm x 240mm x 10mm
Weight 0.08 kg
Language Portuguese
Pages 48

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