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Near to the Broken-Hearted (audiobook)

Near to the Broken-Hearted (audiobook)

The Comfort of Jesus in the Grief of Losing a Child

Biblical help and hope for parents facing bereavement.

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This book has been written to help heartbroken parents know and feel the nearness and tenderness of God when they are facing the loss of a child. It takes long, satisfying looks at truths and stories from the Bible, helping you to know and be comforted by God the Father as he walks with you through your darkest seasons.

The authors write with honesty, experience and compassion to encourage those who are crushed in spirit to lean heavily on Jesus. They give lots of practical advice on processing and praying through grief as well as clarity on some of the difficult questions raised by this kind of suffering.

Foreword by Tim Challies.

Readers can choose whichever chapters are most relevant to their situation. There is something here for those who have just heard the news that their child is very ill, and for those who lost a child some time ago; for those who are asking painful questions, and for those seeking practical advice; for mothers carrying a pregnancy that will likely end in loss, and for family members wondering how to help their loved ones in their grief.

Every situation is different, but our Lord Jesus is always the same—and he has a special, tender nearness to the broken-hearted.

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  • Foreword (by Tim Challies)
    1. Weeping with Jesus: For those who've heard bad news
    2. Under a Shadow: For those facing future loss
    3. Walking the Valley: For those reeling from recent loss
    4. After the Storm: For those continuing to grieve
    5. A Short and Precious life: For those facing the loss of an infant or unborn baby
    6. Past, Present, Future: For those facing the loss of an older child (by Chris Mouring)
    7. Valuable: For those facing the possibility that their child will be disabled
    8. Walking Together: For family and friends
    9. Why Won't Jesus Heal My Child?
    10. What Happens to Little Ones When They Die?
    11. From Tears to Shouts of Joy: All chapters lead here
    Appendix I: Further practical advice for grief
    Appendix II: Further reading and resources


Contributors Anna Martin, Dan Martin, Chris Mouring, Chuck Badger, Elisabeth Martin, Mat Martin
Format Audiobook
First published July 2023
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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