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Action Bible New Testament

Action Bible New Testament

God's Redemptive Story

Sergio Cariello
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New Testament edition of the bestselling Action Bible. Ideal for today’s visually focused culture. Revised, Expanded edition.

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The truth and power of God’s Word comes vividly to life in a high-quality, full-colour, graphic-novel style New Testament that is ideal for today’s visually focused culture.

In this New Testament edition of the bestselling 'The Action Bible', kids ages 9 to 12, and adults who love graphic novels, encounter scripture in a fresh way as the people, events, and emotions it shares are visualised in 67 New Testament stories.

Sergio Cariello offers years of talent and expertise as a graphic novel illustrator for top comic book companies to create contemporary art that speaks to children today. And careful attention to scriptural accuracy ensures a complete and trustworthy biblical overview. It provides a meaningful way for parents, grandparents, teachers, and church ministries to spark a connection with and love for God’s Word.

Product details


Age range: 8+
Contributors Sergio Cariello
ISBN 9780830782918
Format Paperback
First published January 2022
Dimensions 168mm x 256mm x 14mm
Weight 0.55 kg
Language English
Pages 288
Publisher Candle Books
Customer reviews

17 May 2024

“A Testament To Talent!”


Here's a testament to talent! God's gift to one and all,
A present that gets Heaven-sent to grant a miracle.
Here's a blessing for each season! Christmas and Easter, too!
And Lord Jesus proves God's reason to grant this gift to you.

God shares His blessings every day, like pages in a book,
And listens to the prayers we pray if we would only look!
And if we study now and then, that's held in high regard,
By God who grants goodwill to men beyond some Christmas card.

God's purposed artists near and far across the whole world wide
To paint with love the Christmas Star and Jesus crucified!
Portraying beauty like the rose as well as tragedy,
Portraying why Lord Jesus chose to die on Calvary!

I've also painted Jesus there upon the Cross of Christ,
I've also bowed to Christ in prayer, my Saviour sacrificed!
So when I see New Testaments with pictures good as gold,
I'm pleased that each one represents the Greatest Story Ever Told.

Denis Martindale, for the 17th of May 2024.

The Gospel poem is about The Action Bible New Testament book.
Here is a beautiful New Testament. Its precious pictures share the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. A picture is worth a thousand words, so
imagine what hundreds of precious pictures could do to save souls!

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Action Bible New Testament | Sergio Cariello |
£13.99 £11.89