Two Ways to Live - Leader's Handbook

Two Ways to Live - Leader's Handbook

Know and share the gospel

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A seven-week user-friendly and effective course in evangelism.

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We've gone back to square one with the well-known Two ways to live training course, and done extensive revision, in order to make it a more user-friendly and effective course for every Christian - because that's who it is aimed at. The seven-week course is designed to equip every Christian with two basic and essential things:

1. A sound and thorough knowledge of what the gospel is; and
2. The ability to share it with someone else clearly and naturally when the opportunity arises.

This is the Leader's Manual for the course, which contains:
- an extensive introduction to the course, explaining the rationale behind it, and offering tips for setting up the course in your church or fellowship;
- notes for each session, including the aims of each part, how to lead it, and the key points to be communicated.

As well as this Leader's Manual, leaders also need:
- their own copy of the Participant's Manual (which they use in leading the course);
- the Training DVD: an optional, but highly recommended resource, containing extra input for the leader as well as role plays and demonstrations to use throughout the course.

The best way to purchase these resources is the Two Ways to Live Starter Pack.

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  • Leader's Introduction/Preface
  • Session 1:
  • 1 Introductions...
  • 2 Group goals
  • 3 Lead me o Christ
  • 4 Presenting 2 Ways to Live
  • 5 Assignment
  • Leader's notes
  • Session 2:
  • 1 Assignment review
  • 2 leader's presentation
  • 3 Discussion: Pros and Cons
  • 4 On the job training
  • 5 Assignment
  • Leader's notes
  • Session 3:
  • 1 Assignment review
  • 2 Knowing the Gospel
  • 3 Assignment
  • Leader's notes
  • Session 4:
  • 1 Assignment review
  • 2 sharing the Gospel
  • 3 Endgame 1: Definite Yes
  • 4 Assignment
  • Leader's notes
  • Session 5:
  • 1 Assignment review
  • 2 Endgame 2: Definite No
  • 3 Endgame 3: Not Yet
  • 4 Handling common questions
  • 5 Assignment
  • Leader's notes
  • Session 6:
  • 1 Assignment review
  • 2 Endgame 4: Already a Christian?
  • 3 Padding practice
  • 4 Endgame 5: On the Fence
  • 5 Assignment
  • Leader's notes
  • Session 7:
  • 1 Lead me to Christ
  • 2 Follow-up
  • 3 Where to from here?
  • Leader's notes
  • Appendices
  • i How to turn a conversation
  • ii Answers to common questions
  • iii Bibliography
  • iv The text and drawings of 2 Ways to Live
  • v Endgame summary

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Author Phillip Jensen
ISBN 9781876326616
Format Saddle stitch
First published January 2004
Dimensions 156mm x 225mm x 5mm
Language English
Pages 88
Publisher Matthias Media

Independent reviews


JONNY IVEY, Heirs Magazine, June 16th 2020

The Cross in Four Words is the smallest book I’ve found which lays out how God doesn’t change; across the Bible, God simply takes his plans for his people and scales them upward.

Oh, and those four words? Freedom, forgiveness, justice and purpose.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Fantastic resource!”

(Review written for '2 Ways to Live - Trainee Workbook')

I recently decided to lead a course of two ways to live having already been instructed in the course many years ago. The small group of 10 or so people came to the course unable to explain comfortably what they believed. Having now completed the course, they're all buzzing and wanting to share the good news of Christ and what he's done for them! It's a great course, and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It's easy to understand, and with some dedication can make you confident in telling others what you believe and how the news of Jesus Christ is the best news ever.


“Begging to be put it into practice”

TWTL is just the resource to equip Christians to be disciple making disciples. The God given confidence that is engendered from learning, adapting and sharing the TWTL gospel outine in the varying gospel conversations God places us in is life-changing. Imagine losing the nervousness that comes from not knowing if you can clearly proclaim the gospel. TWTL equips us to that level. In my church context the pastor trained me, I trained others, the others trained more, and so on. Now a group from various city churches engage in a weekly street outreach where we offer free hot drinks to weekend revellers. The gospel conversations that stem from this engagement are many and varied. People hearing the gospel for the first time, the de-churched being reacquainted with the gospel, and the joy that is in us as we share the gospel for His glory


“A great training tool, but expensive to do it exactly as designed”

Two ways to live is a great evangelistic outline for a non-Christian culture, as it assumes very little, and this is a good training tool to go with it and to enable Christians to better grasp both what they believe and how to communicate it. Those who participated on the course have appreciated it and been moved on in their understanding through taking part. Learning the drawings and verses gives an element of challenge and fun within the group (as well as being useful!). The DVD is very helpful and worth getting.

On the slight negative side however, we have adapted it slightly partly to avoid purchasing participant manuals for each individual as this would have made it unduly expensive for our group. Also, from the leader perspective, preparation is sometimes a bit of a paperchase as you need to refer to both leader's and participant's manual to understand what exactly the session content should be. However, these are both minor points and overall the material has been well worthwhile.


“The course will change your life!”

Want to know where to start, where to end, and what NOT to miss out in telling others about Jesus? THIS IS THE course for you!
It provides the framework in your head for how to explain clearly what Christianity is all about. But far more than that, it a) helps you to find your own words to explain it so it's not full of jargon and then b) helps you to know the bigger issues behind most common questions, using the framework, which leads them back to what Jesus has done! And c) it logically andinoffensively provides a way of asking them which way they want to live - God's or their own - which is hard to confront people with in everyday conversation.
I can personally talk for Britain, and don't have the problems some have in talking to people - so when I did this course as a student, I finally knew WHAT to say that was helpful and not confusing to them. Phew! You will be glad you did this course - and so will the people you speak to!

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Two Ways to Live - Leader's Handbook | Phillip Jensen | £4.99 £3.99