The Tech-Wise Family

The Tech-Wise Family

Everyday steps for putting technology in its proper place

Reclaiming real life in a world of devices.

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Making good choices about technology in our families is more than just using internet filters and determining screen-time limits for our children. It's about building character, wisdom, and courage rather than accepting technology's promises of ease and instant gratification. It's about developing our heart, mind, soul, and strength when we're tempted to settle for entertainment and consumer satisfaction. And it's definitely not just about the kids.

Alongside in-depth original research from Barna Group that shows how families are wrestling with technology's new realities, Andy Crouch takes parents beyond the typical questions of what, where, and when to show us that in a world full of devices, there's a way to choose a better life than we've imagined.

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Author Andy Crouch
ISBN 9780801018664
Format Hardback
First published April 2017
Dimensions 130mm x 185mm x 19mm
Language English
Pages 224
Publisher Baker
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The Tech-Wise Family | Andy Crouch | £9.99 £8.19