The Prodigal Prophet (Hardback)

The Prodigal Prophet (Hardback)

Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy

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See God’s love for people of many races, nationalities, and faiths, and the part Christians must play

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Pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller uncovers the moving, provocative, and timely message of anti-racism and anti-nationalism within the book of Jonah and at the heart of the Christian faith.

Most people, even those who are nonreligious, are familiar with the book of Jonah: a rebellious prophet defies God and is swallowed by a whale. Less familiar to most people is the second half of this Biblical story–what happens after Jonah is released from the belly of the fish. Yet it is in this second half of the story that one of the most powerful and important lessons of the Bible is hidden.

In this deeply inspiring and profoundly thought-provoking new book, Timothy Keller delves into the startling, complicated, and perfectly crafted book of Jonah to reveal God’s opposition to nationalism and racism. In a time of growing division, polarization, and violence, The Prodigal Prophet shows us God’s love for people of many races, nationalities, and faiths, and how Christians must be bridge-builders, peacemakers, and agents of reconciliation in the world today.

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Author Dr Timothy Keller
ISBN 9781473690509
Format Hardback
First published November 2018
Dimensions 127mm x 178mm x 15mm
Language English
Pages 256
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
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“A thought provoking book”

Again, another triumph for Tim Keller. Thoughtful, provocative, stimulating and perceptive. Challenges all our hidden prejudices in mission. Thoroughly recommend this book.

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The Prodigal Prophet (Hardback) | Dr Timothy Keller | £12.99 £9.49