The Path of Purity

The Path of Purity

Navigating sex and dating as a teenager

Steve Morrison takes an honest approach on sex, dating and the surrounding topics for teens.

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This is the back cover, where our goal is to make you interested in reading the book.

It’s about sex, you, and God. It covers issues like dating, marriage, singleness, lust, porn, same–sex attraction, homosexuality, gender and even that thing beginning with ‘m’ that everybody is embarrassed to talk about.
It also talks about forgiveness—God’s mind–blowing forgiveness.


No? You might want to check for a pulse.

Yes? Read on…

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Introducing a book about God and sex
  • 2. It’s a world of sex
  • 3. It’s God’s word
  • 4. God—the inventor of sex!
  • 5. God’s purpose for sex
  • 6. BUT... we mess up
  • 7. Purity found in Christ
  • 8. Physical purity
  • 9. How far can I go?
  • 10. Dating
  • 11. Some things to flee
  • 12. Lust and the big ‘M’ (not McDonalds)
  • 13. Same-sex attraction, homosexuality and gender
  • 14. Conclusion: The pure Christian
  • Appendix: Study guide


Age range: 13 - 18
Author Steve Morrison
ISBN 9781922206183
Format Paperback
First published 2017
Dimensions 128mm x 198mm
Language English
Pages 208
Publisher Matthias Media
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