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The Ordinary Hero

The Ordinary Hero

Living the cross and resurrection

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Tim Chester writes about how the Cross and Resurrection call people to a radical way of living.

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Description from Tile Kiln Church Bookstall:
This is our recommended reading for the autumn 2020. Tim Chester explores what it means to really live as Jesus' followers in the every day. It's not about doing "great things" for Jesus, it's about everyday faithfulness to Jesus and Biblical faith day in and day out, in homes, workplaces, schools, universities, gyms, Tesco, and on the A12... this books explores what Kingdom living really looks like.

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The cross and resurrection provide the pattern for discipleship today, calling Christians to a radical new way of living.

The Ordinary Hero invites us to:
- live out the radical implications of grace
- apply the way of the cross: sacrificial love and service, to every area of life
- accept the pattern of suffering followed by glory as normal
- pursue spiritual power, not for its own sake, but in order to live the weakness of the cross
- embark on risk-taking lives because we're focussed on the world to come

Tim Chester writes, 'This book strikes a note that is rarely heard today. In particular, the important themes of suffering followed by glory, and the hiddenness of the Christian life, are all but absent in contemporary Christian thought.'

The book concludes with a powerful story of an ordinary hero.

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  • Foreward
  • Introduction
  • Part One: The pardon of the cross - humble confidence
  • 1. How do you know God loves you?
  • 2. Will God's love stand up in court?
  • 3. Humility
  • 4. Confidence
  • Part Two: The practice of the cross - sacrificial service
  • 5. The way of Jesus = the way of the cross
  • 6. Everyday martyrdom
  • 7. The value of Jesus
  • 8. The way of the cross = the way of joy
  • Part Three: The pattern of the cross and resurrection - suffering followed by glory
  • 9. No glory without the cross
  • 10. Bondage followed by liberation
  • 11. Hiddenness followed by revelation
  • 12. Suffering followed by glory
  • Part Four: The power of the resurrection - power to be weak
  • 13. Resurrection power, freedom and life
  • 14. Power to be weak
  • 15. Freedom to serve, life to die
  • 16. The Spirit of resurrection
  • Part Five: The promise of the resurrection - adventurous hope
  • 17. A renewed world of life
  • 18. A world of justice, joy and love
  • 19. A world worth living for and world worth dying for
  • 20. The adventure of hope


Contributors Tim Chester
ISBN 9781844743773
Format Paperback
First published May 2009
Dimensions 138mm x 215mm x 16.3mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 224
Publisher IVP
Customer reviews


“can't wait to read it again”

I've just finished reading this book with another lady at church and it's been a huge encouragement. The book is wonderfully balanced: on the one hand it helps you remember the utter security you have in Christ, the awesome love and mercy he has lavished on you and the unswerving way God equips his children and on the other, it encourages you to respond to the wonderful privilege you have by getting out of your comfort zone to serve Jesus in ways that are radically and wholeheartedly sacrificial. Every chapter is packed with biblical truth that will inspire you to rely more on God and get stuck in to Kingdom work. The best thing is that it is aimed at ordinary people and shows how every single one of us can live for Christ in this fallen world ... It's not about becoming the next great speaker or evangelist, it's about living a life where God's power flows through human weakness. It's accessible, biblical, practical and thought-provoking. I can't wait to read it again with someone else!

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The Ordinary Hero | Tim Chester | £9.99 £7.49