The Minister's Wife (ebook)

The Minister's Wife ebook

Privileges, pressures and pitfalls

This book looks at the minister's wife's responsibility to God, her husband and children, as well as her wider family.

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'The Minister's Wife' will show you how to make perfect cupcakes, turn out well-groomed children every Sunday morning and rise to the lofty heights where criticism cannot reach. In short, you will quickly become the model minister's wife.

Unfortunately not. However, what this book will do for you is help you to look honestly at the privileges and problems of the manse and the rectory. It will free you up to become the best you can be, unencumbered by nagging concerns about issues that don t really matter.

You are first and foremost a minister's wife before God. What a privilege! This book looks also at the minister's wife's responsibility to her husband and children, as well as to her wider family. It looks at the often-overlooked perks of the job, as well as at thorny issues such as boundaries, forgiveness and forbearance.

This book contains wisdom from eight women, distilled for a wider audience. It will be an honest friend to the minister s wife, whether experienced or starting out.

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  • Introduction
    Ann Benton
    1. Her responsibility to God: ‘Daughter, do you love me?’
    Val Archer
    2. Her responsibility to her husband: A suitable helper
    Kath Paterson
    3. Her responsibility to her family: What about the children?
    Ann Benton
    4. Privileges: Perks of the job
    Ann Benton
    5. Pressure points: For the sake of the kingdom
    Julia Jones
    6. Her service for Christ: Using God-given gifts
    Jane McNabb
    7. Forgiveness and forbearance: Handling criticism
    Ruth Shaw
    8. Encouragement: Modelling and showing encouragement and hospitality
    Julia Jones
    9. Humility and contentment: The minister’s wife’s view of herself
    Lizzy Smallwood
    10. Ten questions younger ministers’ wives ask (or wish they could ask)
    Rachel Lawrence
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Contributors Ann Benton
ISBN 9781844746453
Format eBook
First published October 2011
Language English
Publisher IVP
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The Minister's Wife (ebook) | Ann Benton |
£9.99 £7.99