The Living Church

The Living Church

The Convictions Of A Lifelong Pastor

Be encouraged to become learning, caring, worshipping and evangelizing churches

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The church lies at the very centre of the eternal purposes of God. But what exactly does a living church look like?

The Living Church brings together a number of characteristics of what the author calls 'authentic' or 'living' church. The marks, being clearly biblical, are timeless and need to be preserved.

We are called to become learning churches, caring churches, worshipping churches and evangelising churches.

John Stott unpacks the Bible's wisdom rigorously with a teacher's skill and applies it faithfully with a pastor's heart. We can all play a part in becoming a living church.

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  • Preface: ‘Emerging churches’
  • The postmodern world
  • 1. Essentials: God’s vision for his church
  • A learning church
  • A caring church
  • A worshipping church
  • An evangelizing church
  • 2. Worship: Glorying in God’s holy name
  • Biblical worship
  • Congregational worship
  • Spiritual worship
  • Moral worship
  • 3. Evangelism: Mission through the local church
  • Forms of evangelism
  • The church must understand itself: its theology
  • The church must organize itself: its structures
  • The church must express itself: its message
  • The church must be itself: its life
  • 4. Ministry: The Twelve and the Seven
  • An every-member ministry
  • The pastoral ministry
  • The example of the apostle (the shepherd)
  • The invasion of false teachers (the wolves)
  • The value of the people (the sheep)
  • 5. Fellowship: The implications of koinonia
  • Our common inheritance
  • Our common service
  • Our mutual responsibility
  • Some practical illustrations
  • 6. Preaching: Five paradoxes
  • Biblical and contemporary
  • Authoritative and tentative
  • Prophetic and pastoral
  • Gifted and studied
  • Thoughtful and passionate
  • 7. Giving: Ten principles
  • Springing from the Trinity
  • Creating equality according to our means
  • Careful supervision and friendly rivalry
  • A harvest with symbolic significance
  • The result: thanksgiving to God
  • 8. Impact: Salt and light
  • The truths of salt and light
  • Weapons for social change
  • Christian distinctives
  • Conclusion: Looking for Timothys in the twenty-first century
  • A threefold appeal
  • Where are the Timothys?
  • Three historical appendices
  • An autobiographical sketch
  • I. Why I am still a member of the Church of England
  • II. I have a dream of a living church
  • III. Reflections of an octogenarian
  • Notes


Author John Stott
ISBN 9781789742909
Format Paperback
First published April 2021
Dimensions 139mm x 215mm x 14mm
Language English
Pages 192
Publisher IVP

Mark Driscoll

Pastor, Mars Hill Church, and president, Acts 29 Church Planting Network

Young pastors with a love for Jesus' church will be blessed by this timely gift from one of the most important evangelical voices.

Dr. Timothy Keller

Senior pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

I have relied on John Stott's books for decades as both guides to practice and nourishment to belief. Our church, Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City, has attempted to incarnate all that I, and a generation or more of Christians, have learned from him. This new book promises to be just as helpful in navigating modern controversies and issues.

David Jackman

President, Proclamation Trust

A gem of a book, which every committed Christian needs to read. Here is the heartbeat of a godly minister of the gospel.

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The Living Church | John Stott | £9.99 £8.49