The God of Promise

The God of Promise

Understanding the heart of the Bible

Scott Hafemann

This primer in biblical theology lets the Bible tell its own message.

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The God of Promise and the Life of Faith

The Bible is clear that our real need is to know the God revealed in its pages. Only then will we know true satisfaction. Yet the thought of studying biblical theology scares away many Christians. Now they need not be afraid. This primer in biblical theology lets the Bible tell its own message, providing a basic framework for understanding the Scriptures that will encourage readers to take up the Bible for themselves and discover the faith, hope and love it offers.

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  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: Back to the Bible
  • 1. Why Do We Exist?
  • 2. What Does It Mean To Know God?
  • 3. What Went Wrong and What Has God Done About It?
  • 4. Why Can We Trust God, No Matter What Happens?
  • 5. Why Does God Wait So Long to Make Things Right?
  • 6. Why Is There So Much Pain and Evil in the World?
  • 7. Why Do God's People Suffer?
  • 8. Why Do God's People Obey Him?
  • 9. What Difference Does Jesus Make?
  • Conclusion: Who Are We?
  • Notes
  • General Index
  • Scripture Index


Author Scott Hafemann
ISBN 9781581342611
Format Paperback
First published 2004
Dimensions 148mm x 230mm x 17.6mm
Language English
Pages 256
Publisher Crossway
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The God of Promise | Scott Hafemann | £13.99 £8.39