The Everyday Gospel

The Everyday Gospel

A theology of washing the dishes

How can our relationship with Jesus impact how we live and serve in our daily lives?

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It can sometimes be difficult to see the link between our Sunday worship and the Monday morning grind.

How can our relationship with Jesus impact how we live and serve in our daily lives?

Tim Chester unpacks how we can relate the Holy to the everyday. He explores how seemingly inconsequential tasks can point us to Jesus. This detailed exploration considers how even washing the dishes can be done to the glory of God as part of a whole life lived in sacrifice to Him. Wonderfully, this doesn't have to be a depressing or dismal thing, but can leave us marvelling again at God's goodness and grace.

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  • 1. The Unhappy Legalist
  • 2. Washing The Dishes is a God-like Activity #1: Ordering Chaos
  • 3. Washing The Dishes is a God-like Activity #2: Serving Others
  • 4. When Washing The Dishes Goes Bad
  • 5. When You Should Not Wash Up
  • 6. Everyday Life as Divine Revelation
  • 7. Your Kitchen Sink Can Be A Holy Place
  • 8. Everyday Mission


Author Tim Chester
ISBN 9781909611160
Format Paperback
First published 2013
Dimensions 110mm x 178mm x 3mm
Language English
Pages 48
Publisher 10 Publishing

In The Everyday Gospel, Chester helps me to see that everyday activities, like washing the dishes, can be made holy because of the saving activity of Jesus. This extended meditation on a mundane task points me to recall that God orders chaos and that God serves his people. So when I turn a basket of crumpled clothes into a neatly ironed and folded pile, I am being like God by ordering the disordered and serving my family by providing them with wearable shirts.

Chester also points out that I can use these times of everyday activity to trace God's handiwork - to contemplate how He has worked to create the pans in my sink, how he made my food, traces of which I am washing away. I can use washing up time to talk to my children, or visitors in my home - for pastoral care. These times are not the bits in between time for God. All of time, however inconsequential it seems, can be holy.

A short and accessible read, this book would be brilliant for anyone who ever has to do anything boring. So I make that everyone. Highly recommended.

Amanda Robbie

Blogger and author of 'Ministry of a Messy House'

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The Everyday Gospel | Tim Chester | £2.99 £2.39